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Olsen, Stein Haugom - From Text to Literature, ebook

From Text to Literature

Olsen, Stein Haugom


The Concept of Literature: an Institutional Account
Stein Haugom Olsen
3. Aesthetic Experience and a Belletristic Definition of Literature
Paisley Livingston
4. Art, Literature and Value
Lars-Olof Åhlberg
5. Components of Literariness: Readings

Fabiszak, Jacek - Crossroads in Literature and Culture, ebook

Crossroads in Literature and Culture

Fabiszak, Jacek


Internal (Post)Coloniality in Anglo-Irish Literature: Crossing the Boundaries in Postcolonial Comparative Studies
Grzegorz Koneczniak
5. A Post-Battle Landscape: Doris Lessing’s The Golden Notebook and The Cleft
Katarzyna Więckowska

Finch, Alison - French Literature: A Cultural History, ebook

French Literature: A Cultural History

Finch, Alison


This book is the first to offer a cultural history of French literature from its very beginnings, analysing the relationship between French literature and France’s evolving power structures from the Middle Ages through to the present day. It shows

Watson, Greg - Literature and Stylistics for Language Learners, ebook

Literature and Stylistics for Language Learners

Watson, Greg


Stylistics in Second Language Contexts: A Critical Perspective
Geoff Hall
2. On Teaching Literature Itself
Peter Stockwell
Part II. New Approaches
3. When the Students Become the Teachers: A Practical Pedagogy
Joanna Gavins, Jane Hodson

Gao, Yu - The Birth of Twentieth-Century Chinese Literature, ebook

The Birth of Twentieth-Century Chinese Literature

Gao, Yu


Foreignization and Assimilation: Translated World Literature and Modern Chinese Literature
Yu Gao
6. Nothing but Culture: The Pen War Between Hu Shi and the Conservative Xueheng School
Yu Gao
7. Lu Xun’s View of Language,