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McKenzie, Donald - The Landscape Ecology of Fire, ebook

The Landscape Ecology of Fire

McKenzie, Donald


Reconstructing Landscape Pattern of Historical Fires and Fire Regimes
Tyson Swetnam, Donald A. Falk, Amy E. Hessl, Calvin Farris
8. Fire and Invasive Plants on California Landscapes
Jon E. Keeley, Janet Franklin, Carla D’Antonio
9. Modeling

Bunting, Stephen C. - Applied Landscape Ecology, ebook

Applied Landscape Ecology

Bunting, Stephen C.


An insightful guide to the concepts and practices of modern landscape ecology
Elements of geography, conservation biology, soil science and other disciplines factor into landscape ecology's rich analyses of the ecological and environmental forces

Hong, Sun-Kee - Landscape Ecology for Sustainable Society, ebook

Landscape Ecology for Sustainable Society

Hong, Sun-Kee


Developing Strategies for Landscape Sustainability: An Indonesian National Strategic Plan of Action in the Heart of Borneo
Rachmad Firdaus, Prabianto Mukti Wibowo, Yanto Rochmayanto
Part II. System Management and Conservation
6. Satoyama Landscape

Hong, Sun-Kee - Landscape Ecology in Asian Cultures, ebook

Landscape Ecology in Asian Cultures

Hong, Sun-Kee


Eco-Cultural Diversity in Island and Coastal Landscapes: Conservation and Development
Sun-Kee Hong
3. Ethnic Culture and Nature: Interactions in the Hani Terrace Landscape
Yuanmei Jiao, Xiuzhen Li
4. The Characteristics of the Cultural Landscape

Alberti, Marina - Urban Ecology, ebook

Urban Ecology

Alberti, Marina


Urban Ecology as an Interdisciplinary Field: Differences in the use of “Urban” Between the Social and Natural Sciences
Nancy E. McIntyre, K. Knowles-Yánez, D. Hope
Section II. Conceptual Foundations of Urban Ecology
5. The Growth of the City: An Introduction