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Sullivan, Chip - Drawing the Landscape, ebook

Drawing the Landscape

Sullivan, Chip


This elegant Fourth Edition of Chip Sullivan's classic Drawing the Landscape shows how to use drawing as a path towards understanding the natural and built environment. It offers guidance for tapping into and exploring personal creative potential and helps readers master the essential principles,

Hopper, Leonard J. - Landscape Architectural Graphic Standards, ebook

Landscape Architectural Graphic Standards

Hopper, Leonard J.


The new student edition of the definitive reference on landscape architecture
Landscape Architectural Graphic Standards, Student Edition is a condensed treatment of the authoritative Landscape Architectural Graphic Standards, Professional Edition. Designed to give students the critical

Antrop, Marc - Landscape Perspectives, ebook

Landscape Perspectives

Antrop, Marc


The Holistic Nature of LandscapeLandscape as an Integrating Concept
Marc Antrop, Veerle Eetvelde
2. The History of Landscape Research
Marc Antrop, Veerle Eetvelde
3. The Multiple Meanings of Landscape

Clayden, Andy - Residential Landscape Sustainability: A Checklist Tool, ebook

Residential Landscape Sustainability: A Checklist Tool

Clayden, Andy


This book shows how to improve the sustainable profile of new residential developments through landscape planning, design and management - by conserving resources and minimising pollution, and by enhancing ecological diversity. This may be achieved without significant

Price, Colin - Landscape Economics, ebook

Landscape Economics

Price, Colin


Opportunity Costing of Land: For Landscape Professionals, or for Land Economists?
Colin Price
4. The Constitution of Value
Colin Price
5. Aesthetic Experts’ Approaches
Colin Price
6. Monetising Expert Valuations: Examples with Amenity Trees