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Wetzel, Kurt - Labour Relations and Health Reform, ebook

Labour Relations and Health Reform

Wetzel, Kurt


Health Service Reform and the Modernization of Employment Relations: The Case of the United Kingdom
Stephen Bach
3. Health Labour Relations and the New Zealand Revolution

Elias, Ana Sofia - Aesthetic Labour, ebook

Aesthetic Labour

Elias, Ana Sofia


Aesthetic Labour: Beauty Politics in Neoliberalism
Ana Elias, Rosalind Gill, Christina Scharff
2. ‘Seriously Girly Fun!’: Recontextualising Aesthetic Labour as Fun and Play in Cosmetics Advertising
Michelle M.

Richards, David - New Labour and the Civil Service, ebook

New Labour and the Civil Service

Richards, David


Theorising Whitehall: Labour’s Response to the Conservative Inheritance
David Richards
4. Transition in Government
David Richards
5. Labour and the Civil Service: From Managerialism to a Reconstituted Westminster Model
David Richards
6. The

Bowles, Paul - Globalization and Labour in China and India, ebook

Globalization and Labour in China and India

Bowles, Paul


Managing Liberalization and Globalization in Rural China: Trends in Rural Labour Allocation, Income and Inequality
Xiao-yuan Dong, Paul Bowles, Hongqin Chang
3. The Role of the State, Labour Policy and Migrant Workers’

Walker, Graham - The Labour Party in Scotland, ebook

The Labour Party in Scotland

Walker, Graham


A Century of Labour in Scotland: Struggles and Achievements
Graham Walker
2. The Sectarianism Debate and the Advent of Devolution
Graham Walker
3. ‘Indyref’, Identity Politics, and the Union in Question
Graham Walker
4. Conclusion

Charnock, Greig - The New International Division of Labour, ebook

The New International Division of Labour

Charnock, Greig


Introduction: The New International Division of Labour and the Critique of Political Economy Today
Greig Charnock, Guido Starosta
Part I. Capital and the International Division of Labour
2. The General Rate of Profit and Its Realisation in the Differentiation

Gaffney, John - Leadership and the Labour Party, ebook

Leadership and the Labour Party

Gaffney, John


Table of contents
1. Political Leadership, Rhetoric, and Culture: Aristotle Good, Max Weber Bad
John Gaffney
2. Leadership Lessons from the Past
John Gaffney
3. The Arc of Rhetoric and the Leader as Author
John Gaffney
4. Rhetoric…