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Fielding, Steven - The Labour Party, ebook

The Labour Party

Fielding, Steven


The Labour Party Continuity and Change in the Making of 'New' Labour Reviews 'For students of Britain, Blair, and socialism, this is a valuable work...highly recommended.' - H. Steck, Choice DescriptionThe Blair government is much less novel and

Koistinen, Pertti - Labour flexibility, ebook

Labour flexibility

Koistinen, Pertti


Labour flexibility -a factor of economic and social performance of Finland in the 1990s For Finland, the 1990s was a decade of dramatic change of the economy and politics. The political decision-makers, institutions and individuals were confronted with the need to adapt to new economic

Vercherand, Jean - Labour, ebook


Vercherand, Jean


Table of contents
1. General Introduction
Jean Vercherand
2. The “Social Question” since the 19th Century
Jean Vercherand
3. The Neoclassical Model of the Labour Market
Jean Vercherand
4. The Asymmetry of Bargaining Power
Jean Vercherand
5. The Dual Impact of Technical Progress

Centel, Tankut - Introduction to Turkish Labour Law, ebook

Introduction to Turkish Labour Law

Centel, Tankut


The Individual Labour Law: Employment Relationship
6. The Notion of ‘Employment Contract’
Tankut Centel
7. Establishment of the Employment Contract
Tankut Centel
8. Obligations of the Parties Throughout the Employment Contract
Tankut Centel

Lerouge, Loïc - Psychosocial Risks in Labour and Social Security Law, ebook

Psychosocial Risks in Labour and Social Security Law

Lerouge, Loïc


Prevention of Psychosocial Risks in Labour Law: Role of the Law and Collective Bargaining
Franck Héas
6. Employer Responsibility for the Psychosocial and Psychiatric Well-Being of Employees in the Workplace: A View from the United Kingdom
Roger M. Walden

Kirchner, Jens - Key Aspects of German Employment and Labour Law, ebook

Key Aspects of German Employment and Labour Law

Kirchner, Jens


Table of contents
1. Executive Summary: German Employment and Labour Law
Jens Kirchner, Sascha Morgenroth
2. Recruitment
Sascha Morgenroth
3. Employment Contracts and Further Legal Sources
Sascha Morgenroth
4. Employee or Freelance Worker
Jens Kirchner, Eva Mittelhamm
5. Agency Workers

Elias, Ana Sofia - Aesthetic Labour, ebook

Aesthetic Labour

Elias, Ana Sofia


Aesthetic Labour: Beauty Politics in Neoliberalism
Ana Elias, Rosalind Gill, Christina Scharff
2. ‘Seriously Girly Fun!’: Recontextualising Aesthetic Labour as Fun and Play in Cosmetics Advertising
Michelle M.

Leggett, Will - After New Labour, ebook

After New Labour

Leggett, Will


When Sociology Met Politics: New Labour and the Third Way
2. Third Way Sociology
Will Leggett
3. Third Way values?
Will Leggett
4. Analysing Social Change and Political Strategy
Will Leggett
Part II. The Left Critics
5. Neo-Marxists :

Chapman, Vicky - The Midwife's Labour and Birth Handbook, ebook

The Midwife's Labour and Birth Handbook

Chapman, Vicky


- Nursing Times Online
Providing a practical and comprehensive guide to midwifery care, The Midwife’s Labour and Birth Handbook continues to promote best practice and a safe, satisfying birthing experience with a focus on women-centred care.