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Kerr, Morag G. - Veterinary Laboratory Medicine, ebook

Veterinary Laboratory Medicine

Kerr, Morag G.


Veterinary Laboratory Medicine covers all aspects of basic clinical biochemistry and haematology, and includes test-by-test interpretation of laboratory results. Information is provided on sampling techniques, the

Bonhomme, Marjorie - Clinical Core Laboratory Testing, ebook

Clinical Core Laboratory Testing

Bonhomme, Marjorie


Table of contents
1. Laboratory Structure and Function
Roger L. Bertholf
2. Laboratory Test Utilization
Christopher McCudden
3. Before the Lab Tests Run: Preanalytical Issues in the Clinical Laboratory
Deanna Franke, Marjorie BonHomme
4. Where the Lab Tests Are Performed: Analytical Issues in the Clinical

Lloyd, Maggie - Handbook of Laboratory Animal Management and Welfare, ebook

Handbook of Laboratory Animal Management and Welfare

Lloyd, Maggie


This bestseller has been an essential book for all those working with laboratory animals since it was first published in 1994.  This fourth edition retains all the classic features that have made it a must-have reference including emphasis on best practice in order to improve animal

Eby, Charles S. - Tietz's Applied Laboratory Medicine, ebook

Tietz's Applied Laboratory Medicine

Eby, Charles S.


Using a problem-based approach, Tietz's Applied Laboratory Medicine, Second Edition presents interesting cases to illustrate the current use and interpretation of the most commonly available clinical laboratory tests.

Heatley, J. Jill - Exotic Animal Laboratory Diagnosis, ebook

Exotic Animal Laboratory Diagnosis

Heatley, J. Jill


Exotic Animal Laboratory Diagnosis is a practical, user-friendly guide to diagnostic testing in a wide range of exotic species. Offers complete information on obtaining samples, performing tests, and interpreting laboratory results in exotic animals

Hainaut, Pierre - Biobanking of Human Biospecimens, ebook

Biobanking of Human Biospecimens

Hainaut, Pierre


Table of contents
1. Principles of Cryopreservation
Allison Hubel, Amy P. N. Skubitz
2. Quality Assurance and Quality Control in Biobanking
Fay Betsou
3. Economics of Biobanking
Jim Vaught, Peter H. Watson
4. Safety Issues in…