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Wolosky, Shira - The Art of Poetry : How to Read a Poem, ebook

The Art of Poetry : How to Read a Poem

Wolosky, Shira


Preface 1. Word Choice 2. Syntax and the Poetic Line 3. Images: Simile and Metaphor 4. Metaphor and the Sonnet 5. The Sonnet 6. Poetic Conventions 7. More Verse Forms 8. Personification 9. Poetic Voice 10. Gender and Poetic Voice 11. Poetic…

Spiegelman, Willard - Imaginitive Transcripts Selected Literary Essays, ebook

Imaginitive Transcripts Selected Literary Essays

Spiegelman, Willard


Willard Spiegelman is considered one of the finest critics of poetry writing today and this volume collects his best work on the subject, offering essays that span his entire career and chart his changing relationship to an elusive form. He takes the measure of a wide spectrum of poetry,

Hunter, David - Understanding French Verse : A Guide for Singers, ebook

Understanding French Verse : A Guide for Singers

Hunter, David


1. Why This Guide? 2. The Basics of the French Line 3. Common French Meters 4. Stanzas 5. Sonnets, rondels, and other fixed forms 6. Rhyme 7. Free verse Appendix 1. Commentaries on four poems Adieux de l'hotesse arabe Le colibri En sourdine …