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Briere, Danny - Home Theater For Dummies, ebook

Home Theater For Dummies

Briere, Danny

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Overwhelmed with big screen TV and home theater audio options? What do you need to build the perfect home theater experience? Home Theater For Dummies, 3rd Edition shows you how to plan a home theater system and choose components that fit your budget and your room.
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Bita, Ion - Flat Panel Display Manufacturing, ebook

Flat Panel Display Manufacturing

Bita, Ion


An important theme of this book is treating displays as systems, which expands the scope beyond the technologies and manufacturing of traditional display panels (LCD and OLED) to also include key components for mobile device applications, such as flexible OLED, thin

Osten, Wolfgang - Fringe 2009, ebook

Fringe 2009

Osten, Wolfgang


Identification of deformation components in TV holography and digital holography
János Kornis, Richárd Séfel
58. Extending the capabilities of the sphere interferometer of PTB by a stitching procedure
Guido Bartl, Arnold Nicolaus
59. Fringe contrast

Osten, Wolfgang - Fringe 2013, ebook

Fringe 2013

Osten, Wolfgang


Precise Optical Metrology Using Computational Shear Interferometry and an LCD Monitor as Light Source
Claas Falldorf, Aleksandar Simic, Gerd Ehret, Michael Schulz, Christoph Kopylow, Ralf B. Bergmann
135. Potentials of Endoscopic Fringe Projection – A Differentiation