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Aronoff, Craig E. - Family Business Values, ebook

Family Business Values

Aronoff, Craig E.


Aronoff, John L. Ward
2. The Power of Values in the Family Business
Craig E. Aronoff, John L. Ward
3. The Role of Values in Uniting Family and Business
Craig E. Aronoff, John L.

Dolan, Simon L. - Managing by Values, ebook

Managing by Values

Dolan, Simon L.


Management by Values: Logic and Content
1. Managing by Values: Its Foundation and Evolution
Simon L. Dolan, Salvador Garcia, Bonnie Richley
2. Values: But, What Actually Are They?

Price, Terry L. - The Values of Presidential Leadership, ebook

The Values of Presidential Leadership

Price, Terry L.


Terry L. Price, J. Thomas Wren
Part I. God and Country
2. Lincoln, Religion, and Presidential Leadership
Michael Nelson
3. Patriotic Leadership
A. John Simmons
Part II. Communicating Values
4. Rhetorical Leadership and the

Tàpies, Josep - Family Values and Value Creation, ebook

Family Values and Value Creation

Tàpies, Josep


A Classification Scheme for Family Firms: From Family Values to Effective Governance to Firm Performance
Pramodita Sharma, Mattias Nordqvist
6. How Values Dilemmas Underscore the Difficult Issues of Governing the Large,

Aspin, David N. - Values Education and Lifelong Learning, ebook

Values Education and Lifelong Learning

Aspin, David N.


The Ontology of Values and Values Education
David N. Aspin
2. Opening the Road to Values Education
Gerhard Zecha
3. The Ethics of Lifelong Learning and its Implications for Values Education
Richard G. Bagnall

Church, Allan H. - Enacting Values-Based Change, ebook

Enacting Values-Based Change

Church, Allan H.


Enacting Values-Based Change: Organization Development in Action
David W. Jamieson, Allan H. Church, John D. Vogelsang
2. Deconstructing OD: A Closer Look at the Emergence of OD Values and Their Impact on the Field

Bruinier, Jan Hendrik - L-Functions and Automorphic Forms, ebook

L-Functions and Automorphic Forms

Bruinier, Jan Hendrik


On Denominators of Values of Certain L-Functions When Twisted by Characters
Siegfried Böcherer
4. First Order p-Adic Deformations of Weight One Newforms
Henri Darmon, Alan Lauder, Victor Rotger
5. Computing Invariants

Macpherson, Cheryl C. - Bioethical Insights into Values and Policy, ebook

Bioethical Insights into Values and Policy

Macpherson, Cheryl C.


Table of contents
1. Potter’s Global Bioethics and the Premise of this Book
Cheryl C. Macpherson
Part I. Climate Change Is a Bioethics Problem
2. Putting the Bios Back into Bioethics: Prospects for Health and Climate Justice
Bruce Jennings
3. Climate Change and Ethical Change
James Dwyer
4. Climate