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Brelade, Sue - A Practical Guide to Knowledge Management, ebook

A Practical Guide to Knowledge Management

Brelade, Sue


An expert but jargon-free guide to enable you to manage the knowledge in your organisation successfully - to identify, gather and use that knowledge to maximum advantage. Organise and manage all your knowledge

Griseri, Paul - Management Knowledge, ebook

Management Knowledge

Griseri, Paul


Management Knowledge A Critical View This book fills the gap for a text which presents a theoretically-based critique of management knowledge but in an accessible form which

Hinterhuber, Hans - The Future of Knowledge Management, ebook

The Future of Knowledge Management

Hinterhuber, Hans


Modes of Knowing in Practice: The Relationship between Knowledge and Learning Revisited
Elena P. Antonacopoulou
3. Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning: Fundamental Concepts for Theory and Practice
Ron Sanchez
4. Knowledge Management in

Edwards, John S. - The Essentials of Knowledge Management, ebook

The Essentials of Knowledge Management

Edwards, John S.


Management Knowledge and Knowledge Management: Realism and Forms of Truth
John Mingers
3. The Theoretical Foundations of Knowledge Management
Richard Baskerville, Alina Dulipovici
Part II. Strategic Issues

Davis, Joseph - Knowledge Management, ebook

Knowledge Management

Davis, Joseph


Knowledge Management: Conceptual Foundations
1. Knowledge Management: Conceptual Foundations, Emerging Directions
Joseph Davis, Eswaran Subrahmanian, Art Westerberg
2. Knowledge Management: Why Learning from the Past