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Choi, Seongsook - Interdisciplinary Discourse, ebook

Interdisciplinary Discourse

Choi, Seongsook


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Seongsook Choi, Keith Richards
2. The Disciplinary Landscape
Seongsook Choi, Keith Richards
3. Understanding Interdisciplinarity
Seongsook Choi, Keith Richards
4. Interdisciplinary Interaction
Seongsook Choi, Keith Richards
5. Knowledge Exchange in Initial

Knoblauch, Hubert - Knowledge in Action, ebook

Knowledge in Action

Knoblauch, Hubert


Table of contents
Teil I. Neue Formen und Paradigmen der Wissen(schaft)skommunikation
1. „Public Sociology“ und „Public Understanding of Science“ (PUS) bzw. „Medialisierung“ der Wissenschaft
Oliver Neun
2. Comics als visueller…

Meusburger, Peter - Knowledge and Action, ebook

Knowledge and Action

Meusburger, Peter


Action, Knowledge, and Social Relations of Space
Benno Werlen
3. Rationality and Discursive Articulation in Place-Making
Huib Ernste
4. Thought-in-Action/Action-in-Thought
Gunnar Olsson
5. Perverse Expertise and the Social Unconscious in the

Saille, Stevienna de - Knowledge as Resistance, ebook

Knowledge as Resistance

Saille, Stevienna de


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Stevienna de Saille
Part I. Action and Reflection: A Story of FINRRAGE in 28 Voices
2. Emergence
Stevienna de Saille
3. Expansion
Stevienna de Saille
4. Abeyance
Stevienna de Saille
Part II. Studying It Up: The ‘FINRRAGE Position’ as a Cognitive Praxis

Glückler, Johannes - Knowledge and Networks, ebook

Knowledge and Networks

Glückler, Johannes


Exploring the Interaction of Space and Networks in the Creation of Knowledge: An Introduction
Johannes Glückler, Emmanuel Lazega, Ingmar Hammer
Part I. Knowledge About Networks
2. Reversing the Instrumentality of the

Candlin, Christopher N. - Discourses of Deficit, ebook

Discourses of Deficit

Candlin, Christopher N.


‘You don’t want to look like that for the rest of your life’: Contested Discourses of Loss in a Normative Societal Context
Lesley Stirling, Lenore Manderson, Jennifer MacFarlane
Part IV. Relationships in the Context of Management
9. Identity Work in