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Kerr, Gordon - Submission, ebook


Kerr, Gordon


In a world where the slaves are under the rule of their African masters, a young man learns the secret of why he is dismissed each time the Landlord’s agent visits his mother. In this world people suffer horribly under the rule of the masters, a world…

Andrews, Mark - The Masters, ebook

The Masters

Andrews, Mark


A 'time-slip' story! Africans ruling the world, with white and Asian slaves at their disposal; slaves to buy, sell and do with as they wish! Physicist Adam Blair has time-slipped into this alternative world where he quickly makes friends with a man who…

Malin, Peter - The Heat of Submission, ebook

The Heat of Submission

Malin, Peter


An investigation is under way to discover who knew what and Carol knows she has sailed a little too close to the wind this time. First came the messages on her screen, then the book in her post box which she is ordered to read; The Pleasure of the Whip.…

 - Kingdom of Slaves, ebook

Kingdom of Slaves


‘Domain’... is it a religious cult, a secret organisation or something more sinister? Whatever... when reporter Kim gets a chance to infiltrate, she goes for it! Unfortunately reality proves to be way beyond anything she could have imagined. On her…

Edwards, Janine - The Labours of Erik, ebook

The Labours of Erik

Edwards, Janine


Erik has thrown up a job and started out as a computer expert on his own, but he only has one call, one enquiry which lands him a prime task, setting up a database for a demanding, startlingly beautiful woman who he is told to call Madam. From then on…

 - Lakota Revenge, ebook

Lakota Revenge


When Jennifer Cooper’s parents are murdered by a raiding party of Lakota Sioux Indians, she swears to take revenge on the perpetrator. Many of the people in the nearby town scoffed at her resolve, but when she returned again and again with Lakota scalps…

Justine, Jennifer - Nina's Submission, ebook

Nina's Submission

Justine, Jennifer


Nina is a dominatrix who enjoys her work to the full, but when Raffy Carruthers employs her to seek out a painting acquired by a wealthy German, she finds an unfamiliar role for herself will be needed if she is to succeed. For Manfred is a dominant sadist…

Moss, Sam - Torment on Trial, ebook

Torment on Trial

Moss, Sam


The factory had one aim: to create instruments and implements for pleasure and pain. The Professor puts every piece through its paces on the flesh of the female slaves, all for the benefit of prospective customers!

Moss, Sam - The Training Cellar, ebook

The Training Cellar

Moss, Sam


Deep in the ground are the dungeons, cellars of torment, where stringent bondage, whips and crops are used. Long hours of darkness and suffering await all who end up there. For the unfortunate women, so-called ‘enemies of the State’, there seems no…

Malin, Peter - Mandy's Training - Volume 1, ebook

Mandy's Training - Volume 1

Malin, Peter


The narrator of this story has a powerful persona over women. When he meets the beautiful but docile Mandy, he knows he wishes to have her as his personal submissive and from the very start, over dinner, he begins issuing his orders, which she immediately…