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Lloyd, Ken - Performance Appraisals and Phrases For Dummies, ebook

Performance Appraisals and Phrases For Dummies

Lloyd, Ken

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Includes more than 3,200 phrases for clear, and helpful evaluations Helps make evaluations faster, more effective, and far less stressful Offers far more advice and coaching than other performance appraisal books Serves as an ideal guide for managers new to the appraisal process
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Mulvey-Roberts, Marie - The Handbook of the Gothic, ebook

The Handbook of the Gothic

Mulvey-Roberts, Marie


Gilbert, Michael Franklin, Allan Lloyd Smith, Thomas Willard, Elizabeth Imlay, T. J. Lustig, Helen Small, Elaine Jordan, Andrew Smith, Marie Mulvey-Roberts, Benjamin F. Fisher, Clive Bloom, Avril Horner, Sue Zlosnik, Eric Hadley Denton, Robert Miles, Val Scullion,

Bull, Alan T. - Human Exploitation and Biodiversity Conservation, ebook

Human Exploitation and Biodiversity Conservation

Bull, Alan T.


Warren, Ken Thompson, Kevin J. Gaston
7. Biodiversity conservation in sacred groves of Manipur, northeast India: population structure and regeneration status of woody species
Ashalata Devi Khumbongmayum, M. L. Khan, R. S. Tripathi
8. A numeric index to establish

Axford, John S. - Glycobiology and Medicine, ebook

Glycobiology and Medicine

Axford, John S.


Antibody Recognition of a Carbohydrate Epitope: A Template for HIV Vaccine Design
Chris Scanlan, Daniel Calarese, Hing-Ken Lee, Ola Blixt, Chi-Huey Wong, Ian Wilson, Dennis Burton, Raymond Dwek, Pauline Rudd
5. Interaction of Schistosome Glycans with the Host

Elwell, Clare E. - Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXXVII, ebook

Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXXVII

Elwell, Clare E.


Detection of ROSC in Patients with Cardiac Arrest During Chest Compression Using NIRS: A Pilot Study
Tsukasa Yagi, Ken Nagao, Tsuyoshi Kawamorita, Taketomo Soga, Mitsuru Ishii, Nobutaka Chiba, Kazuhiro Watanabe, Shigemasa Tani, Atsuo Yoshino, Atsushi Hirayama,

Fendel, Elfriede M. - Geo-information for Disaster Management, ebook

Geo-information for Disaster Management

Fendel, Elfriede M.


Orchestra: Developing a Unified Open Architecture for Risk Management Applications
Alessandro Annoni, Lars Bernard, John Douglas, Joseph Greenwood, Irene Laiz, Michael Lloyd, Zoheir Sabeur, Anne-Marie Sassen, Jean-Jacques Serrano, Thomas Usländer
2. Laser

Brisson, Pierre - The Engineering of Sport 7, ebook

The Engineering of Sport 7

Brisson, Pierre


Table of contents
1. Effects of Body Weight on Ski Jumping Performances under the New FIS Rules (P3)
Luca Oggiano, Lars Sætran
2. Calculated Golf Ball Performance Based on Measured Visco-hyperelastic Material Properties (P5)
Khairul Ismail, Bill Stronge
3. Interaction of Flexor Tendons and Pulleys in Sport

Huffel, Sabine Van - Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXXV, ebook

Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXXV

Huffel, Sabine Van


Changes of Cerebral Oxygen Metabolism and Hemodynamics During ECPR with Hypothermia Measured by Near-Infrared Spectroscopy: A Pilot Study
Tsukasa Yagi, Ken Nagao, Kaoru Sakatani, Tsuyoshi Kawamorita, Taketomo Soga, Kimio Kikushima, Kazuhiro Watanabe, Eizo Tachibana,

Takahashi, Eiji - Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXXI, ebook

Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXXI

Takahashi, Eiji


Automatic Detection of Motion Artifacts in Infant Functional Optical Topography Studies
Anna Blasi, Derrick Phillips, Sarah Lloyd-Fox, Peck Hui Koh, Clare E. Elwell
41. Modelling of Mitochondrial Oxygen Consumption and NIRS Detection of Cytochrome Oxidase Redox

Blondelle, Sylvie E. - Understanding Biology Using Peptides, ebook

Understanding Biology Using Peptides

Blondelle, Sylvie E.


Sequential Chemical Ligation for Polypeptide Synthesis by the Combination of the Thioester Method and the Extended Chemical Ligation Using a Photoremovable Auxiliary
Toru Kawakami, Masahiro Tsuchiya, Ken’ichiroh Nakamura, Saburo Aimoto
51. Solid-Phase Synthesis