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Eskola, R.J.J. - Chess Fundamentals: Algebraic edition, ebook

Chess Fundamentals: Algebraic edition

Eskola, R.J.J.


Jose Capablanca's classic instructional manual 'Chess Fundamentals' first appeared in 1921, the year he defeated Emanuel Lasker for the world championship title. This handbook is packed with timeless advice on different aspects of practical play and illustrated…

Henriksen, Benjamin Holk - The Mind of a Leader I, ebook

The Mind of a Leader I

Henriksen, Benjamin Holk


Thirty-four famous international leaders and experts within business, politics, art, sport, philanthropy and more - including Philip Kotler, Anita Roddick, Michael Dukakis and Philippe Starck - are united in a timeless and universal project about leadership,…

Newborn, Monty - Beyond Deep Blue, ebook

Beyond Deep Blue

Newborn, Monty


2003: Deep Junior Confounds Kasparov, Drawing 3–3 in New York
Monty Newborn
6. 2003: Shredder, the Comeback Kid, Comes Back at 11th WCCC
Monty Newborn
7. 2004: Deep Junior Edges Out Shredder to Take 12th WCCC
Monty Newborn
8. 2004: Hydra Slews

Hackett, Peter H. - Hypoxia, ebook


Hackett, Peter H.


Ackland, Sergey Kasparov, Alexander V. Gourine
15. Bidirectional Control of Blood Flow by Astrocytes: A Role for Tissue Oxygen and Other Metabolic Factors
Grant R. J. Gordon, Clare Howarth, Brian A. MacVicar
16. Hypoxic Adaptation in the Nervous System:

Merkel, Broder - The New Uranium Mining Boom, ebook

The New Uranium Mining Boom

Merkel, Broder


Assessment of Distribution Coefficients (Кd) of Radionuclides of the Uranium-Thorium Chain in the Uranium Manufacturing Tailing Dumps
Valentyn Protsak, Valery Kasparov, Igor Maloshtan, Sviatoslav Levchuk, Vasyl Yoschenko, Irina Kalyabina, Olga Marinich

Kontis, Konstantinos - 28th International Symposium on Shock Waves, ebook

28th International Symposium on Shock Waves

Kontis, Konstantinos


Kasparov, L. Belaziorava
76. Modern Optical Methods for Determining the Shock Hugoniot of Transparent Solids
F. R. Svingala, M. J. Hargather, G. S. Settles
77. Radiometric Temperature Analysis of the Hayabusa Spacecraft Re-entry
T. N. Eichmann, T. J.