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Grossman, Marshall - The Seventeenth - Century Literature Handbook, ebook

The Seventeenth - Century Literature Handbook

Grossman, Marshall


The Seventeenth Century Handbook provides the undergraduate with a succinct account of the century’s events, along with an exploration of the ways the literature reflected and helped shape the history of the time. Provides a coherent narrative…

Engle, Lars - Studying Shakespeare's Contemporaries, ebook

Studying Shakespeare's Contemporaries

Engle, Lars


Studying Shakespeare’s Contemporaries is an accessible guide to the non-Shakespearian drama of Renaissance England that can be read as complete subject overview or used as an indexed reference resource.

Botelho, Keith M. - Renaissance Earwitnesses, ebook

Renaissance Earwitnesses

Botelho, Keith M.


“Nothing but the truth”: Ben Jonson’s Comedy of Rumors
Keith M. Botelho
6. Conclusion “Contrary to truth”: Elizabeth Cary’s Tragedy of Rumor
Keith M. Botelho

McInnis, David - Mind-Travelling and Voyage Drama in Early Modern England, ebook

Mind-Travelling and Voyage Drama in Early Modern England

McInnis, David


Table of contents
1. Introduction
David McInnis
2. The Wings of Active Thought
David McInnis
3. Marlovian Models of Voyage Drama
David McInnis
4. Morals, Manners, and Imagination: Jonson and Heywood
David McInnis
5. Therapeutic Travel in Richard Brome’s The Antipodes
David McInnis

Adams, Robyn - Diplomacy and Early Modern Culture, ebook

Diplomacy and Early Modern Culture

Adams, Robyn


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Robyn Adams, Rosanna Cox
2. ‘Procure as many as you can and send them over’: Cartographic Espionage and Cartographic Gifts in International Relations, 1460–1760
Peter Barber
3. Scholars, Servants, Spies: William Weldon and William Swerder in England and Abroad