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Gilligan, Carol - Joining the Resistance, ebook

Joining the Resistance

Gilligan, Carol

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In her new book Joining the Resistance Carol Gilligan reflects on the evolution of her thinking and shows how her key ideas were interwoven with her own life experiences. Her work began with the question of voice: who is speaking to whom, in what body, telling what

Jaiswal, Ravi - Particle Adhesion and Removal, ebook

Particle Adhesion and Removal

Jaiswal, Ravi


The book provides a comprehensive and easily accessiblereference source covering all important aspects of particleadhesion and removal.  The core objective is to cover bothfundamental and applied aspects of particle adhesion and removalwith emphasis…

Mittal, K. L. - Interface / Interphase in Polymer Nanocomposites, ebook

Interface / Interphase in Polymer Nanocomposites

Mittal, K. L.


Significant research has been done in polymeric nanocomposites and progress has been made in understanding nanofiller-polymer interface and interphase and their relation to nanocomposite properties.  However, the information is scattered in many different…

Mittal, K. L. - Adhesion in Microelectronics, ebook

Adhesion in Microelectronics

Mittal, K. L.


This comprehensive book will provide both fundamental and applied aspects of adhesion pertaining to microelectronics in a single and easily accessible source. Among the topics to be covered include;Various theories or mechanisms of adhesionSurface (physical…