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Moss, Brian - Ecology of Fresh Waters: Man and Medium, Past to Future, ebook

Ecology of Fresh Waters: Man and Medium, Past to Future

Moss, Brian


This established textbook continues to provide a comprehensive and stimulating introduction to rivers, lakes and wetlands, and was written as the basis for a complete course on freshwater ecology. Designed for undergraduate and early postgraduate students…

Meyer, F. B. - John the Baptist, ebook

John the Baptist

Meyer, F. B.


A study of the Biblical figure John the Baptist by the Reverend Frederick Brotherton Meyer, a Baptist pastor. From the author's preface: The life and character of John the Baptist have always had a great fascination for me; and I am thankful to have

Waters, Joe - QR Codes For Dummies Portable Edition, ebook

QR Codes For Dummies Portable Edition

Waters, Joe


Find out how to effectively create, use, and track QR codes
QR (Quick Response) codes are popping up everywhere, and businesses are reaping the rewards. Get in on the action with the no-nonsense advice in this streamlined, portable guide. You'll find…