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Mathewes, Charles - Understanding Religious Ethics, ebook

Understanding Religious Ethics

Mathewes, Charles


This accessible introduction to religious ethics focuses on the major forms of moral reasoning encompassing the three ‘Abrahamic’ religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Draws on a range of moral issues, such as examples arising from friendship,

Ionescu, Arleen - The Memorial Ethics of Libeskind's Berlin Jewish Museum, ebook

The Memorial Ethics of Libeskind's Berlin Jewish Museum

Ionescu, Arleen


Table of contents
1. Introduction: A Museum with a View
Arleen Ionescu
2. Memory, History, Representation
Arleen Ionescu
3. Representing the Holocaust in Architecture
Arleen Ionescu
4. Ethics as Optics: Libeskind’s Jewish Museum
Arleen Ionescu
5. Extension to Libeskind’s Jewish Museum

Kepnes, Steven - The Future of Jewish Theology, ebook

The Future of Jewish Theology

Kepnes, Steven


This engaging argument for the future of Jewish theology, written by a renowned Jewish scholar, provides a rounded introduction to the faith, its history, and its place in the modern world. Explores foundational Jewish

Crane, Jonathan K. - Narratives and Jewish Bioethics, ebook

Narratives and Jewish Bioethics

Crane, Jonathan K.


Table of contents
1. Genesis of Jewish Bioethics
Jonathan K. Crane
2. Narratives, Norms, and Deadly Complications
Jonathan K. Crane
3. A Dying Story: Told and Retold
Jonathan K. Crane
4. Living to Die: Theo-Political Interpretations
Jonathan K. Crane
5. Dying to Die: Bioethical Interpretations

Gibbard, Allan - Reconciling Our Aims : In Search of Bases for Ethics, ebook

Reconciling Our Aims : In Search of Bases for Ethics

Gibbard, Allan


When Jewish prisoners at Dachau were locked in their barracks for weeks at a time, Litten kept them sane by reciting great works from memory. After five years of torture and hard labor-and a daring escape that failed-Litten gave up hope of survival. His story was ultimately

McGee, Robert W. - The Ethics of Tax Evasion, ebook

The Ethics of Tax Evasion

McGee, Robert W.


Taxation: The Ethics of Its Avoidance or Dodging
Tibor R. Machan
5. Understanding and Interpreting Tax Compliance Strategies Among Street Vendors
Alfonso Morales
6. Towards a Convergence of the Ethics of Tax Evasion

Díez, Ilia Galán - The Birth of Thought in the Spanish Language, ebook

The Birth of Thought in the Spanish Language

Díez, Ilia Galán


Dialogue with Santob: Reflections on Politics, Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Ethics Aesthetics, Metaphysics and Theodicy
Ilia Galán Díez
12. Prologue
Ilia Galán Díez
13. I: Skepticism
Ilia Galán Díez
14. II: Our World Isn’t Logic