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Cascio, Ted - House and Psychology: Humanity Is Overrated, ebook

House and Psychology: Humanity Is Overrated

Cascio, Ted


An irresistible look within the mind and behind the hit TV drama, House
While House is a smart medical drama and Gregory House faces countless ethical quandaries as a doctor, what makes the show unique is that it's much more deeply rooted in psychology…

Brooks, Adam J. - Ryan's Ballistic Trauma, ebook

Ryan's Ballistic Trauma

Brooks, Adam J.


Shaped Charges and Explosively Formed Projectiles
Jonathan Morrison, Peter F. Mahoney
9. Suicide Bombs
Piers R. J. Page, Ian Greaves
10. Blast Injury
Emrys Kirkman, Neal Jacobs, Giles R. Nordmann, Stuart Harrisson, Peter F. Mahoney, Sarah Watts

Dupont, Diane P. - Water Policy and Governance in Canada, ebook

Water Policy and Governance in Canada

Dupont, Diane P.


Public Health at the Watershed Scale
Karen Morrison, Martin J. Bunch, Lars Hallström
19. Chlorination of Drinking Water – Scientific Evidence and Policy Implications
Madjid Mohseni, Edward A. McBean, Manuel J. Rodriguez
Part VI. Case Studies

Lightburn, Anita - Handbook of Community-Based Clinical Practice, ebook

Handbook of Community-Based Clinical Practice

Lightburn, Anita


Evaluating Community-Based Clinical Practice, Martha Morrison Dore and Anita Lightburn III. The Leadership Journey in Community-Based Clinical Practice: Practice, Theory and Policy 13. The Network Context of Network Therapy: A Story from the European Nordic

Faustman, Elaine M. - Handbook of Life Course Health Development, ebook

Handbook of Life Course Health Development

Faustman, Elaine M.


Megan McClelland, John Geldhof, Fred Morrison, Steinunn Gestsdóttir, Claire Cameron, Ed Bowers, Angela Duckworth, Todd Little, Jennie Grammer
13. A Life Course Health Development Perspective on Oral Health
James J. Crall, Christopher B.

Holmes, Kathryn V. - The Nidoviruses, ebook

The Nidoviruses

Holmes, Kathryn V.


Morrison, Jennifer Sparks, Mark Denison, Mark Heise, Ralph S. Baric
27. Production and Characterization of Monoclonal Antibodies Against the Nucleocapsid Protein of SARS-COV
Ying Fang, Andrew Pekosz, Lia Haynes, Eric A.