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Carpenter, Susan - Japan Inc. on the Brink, ebook

Japan Inc. on the Brink

Carpenter, Susan


The Japanese Economic Miracle: Japan Inc. on Center Stage
Susan Carpenter
7. The Roaring 80s: The Bicycle Economy Out of Control
Susan Carpenter
8. The Metamorphosis of Sanraku Inc.
Susan Carpenter
9. The

Kingston, Jeff - Japan, ebook


Kingston, Jeff


Japan, anchored by its traditions, transformed by American post-war Occupation, and globally recognized for its technological innovations, manufacturing prowess, and pop culture, faces powerful challenges from within and without. How Japan chooses to

Reiber, Beth - Frommer's<sup>&#174;</sup> Japan, ebook

Frommer's® Japan

Reiber, Beth


Frommer's Japan is packed with all the facts, tips, and descriptions you need to have perfect vacation: Our author has written about Japan for years, so she's able to provide valuable insights and advice. She'll steer you away from the touristy and

Blouin, Michael J. - Japan and the Cosmopolitan Gothic, ebook

Japan and the Cosmopolitan Gothic

Blouin, Michael J.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Michael J. Blouin
2. Ghosts and Spirits in Early Japanology
Michael J. Blouin
3. Ghostly Maidens in Sidney McCall’s Fiction
Michael J. Blouin
4. Japonisme and the Female Gothic
Michael J. Blouin
5. Nuclear Criticism and a Deferred Reading of the Toho Terror

Totman, Conrad - A History of Japan, ebook

A History of Japan

Totman, Conrad


This is an updated edition of Conrad Totman’s authoritative history of Japan from c.8000 BC to the present day.
The first edition was widely praised for combining sophistication and accessibility.
Covers a wide range of subjects, including geology, climate, agriculture, government

Ravina, Mark - The Last Samurai: The Life and Battles of Saigo Takamori, ebook

The Last Samurai: The Life and Battles of Saigo Takamori

Ravina, Mark


The Last Samurai traces Saigo's life from his early days as a tax clerk in far southwestern Japan, through his rise to national prominence as a fierce imperial loyalist. Saigo was twice exiled for his political activities -- sent to Japan's remote southwestern islands