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Kingston, Jeff - Japan, ebook


Kingston, Jeff


Japan, anchored by its traditions, transformed by American post-war Occupation, and globally recognized for its technological innovations, manufacturing prowess, and pop culture, faces powerful challenges from within and without. How Japan chooses to

Reiber, Beth - Frommer's<sup>&#174;</sup> Japan, ebook

Frommer's® Japan

Reiber, Beth


Frommer's Japan is packed with all the facts, tips, and descriptions you need to have perfect vacation: Our author has written about Japan for years, so she's able to provide valuable insights and advice. She'll steer you away from the touristy and

Itoh, Mayumi - The Making of China’s War with Japan, ebook

The Making of China’s War with Japan

Itoh, Mayumi


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Mayumi Itoh
2. May Fourth Movement and Early Career of Zhou Enlai
Mayumi Itoh
3. Zhou Enlai Goes to Europe and Becomes a Communist
Mayumi Itoh
4. First KMT–CPC United Front and Assassination…

Food, Lonely Planet - From the Source - Japan, ebook

From the Source - Japan

Food, Lonely Planet


In Japan, it's believed that food should be devoured with all five senses: not just smell, taste and sight, but also touch (the texture of the ingredients, the smooth warmth of bamboo chopsticks), and even sound (a high-end ryotei is oddly quiet, the better to appreciate