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Homer, Sean - Fredric Jameson: Marxism, Hermeneutics, Postmodernism, ebook

Fredric Jameson: Marxism, Hermeneutics, Postmodernism

Homer, Sean


This is the first comprehensive analysis of the work of Fredric Jameson, one of the most important cultural critics writing today. Homer provides a clear exposition and appraisal of Jameson's theories and an assessment of his contribution to contemporary cultural theory.

Jameson, Amber - Sweet Punishment, ebook

Sweet Punishment

Jameson, Amber


Humility was born to be a slave. Transported from West Africa to Haiti, she is everything the Vicomte de Salace could ever wish for. She is obedient and eager to please, which makes it all the more unacceptable when Henri, his body slave, has the temerity…

Jameson, David M. - Perspectives on Fluorescence, ebook

Perspectives on Fluorescence

Jameson, David M.


Table of contents
1. A Fluorescent Lifetime: Reminiscing About Gregorio Weber
David M. Jameson
2. Gregorio Weber’s Roots in Argentina
Francisco J. Barrantes
3. The Labyrinthine World of Gregorio Weber
Thomas M. Jovin
4. Personal…

Baugher, Sherene - Past Meets Present, ebook

Past Meets Present

Baugher, Sherene


22. Engaging the Public: Parks Canada CRM Policy and Archaeological Presentation
Joseph Last
23. Archaeology Outreach: It Takes A Community
Janet L. Pape
24. Smart Planning and Innovative Public Outreach: The Quintessential Mix for the Future

Jameson, John Paul - Handbook of Rural School Mental Health, ebook

Handbook of Rural School Mental Health

Jameson, John Paul


Table of contents
Part I. Development of Rural School Mental Health Initiatives: Rationale, Policies, Ethics, and Competencies
1. The Benefits of School Mental Health
Sharon A. Hoover, Ashley M. Mayworm
2. Building Policy Support for School…