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Harris, James - James Beattie, ebook

James Beattie

Harris, James


James Beattie (1735-1803) was appointed professor of moral philosophy and logic at Marischal College, Aberdeen, Scotland at the age of twenty-five. Though more fond of poetry than philosophy, he became part of the Scottish 'Common Sense' school of philosophy that included Thomas Reid and

Gowler, David - James Through the Centuries, ebook

James Through the Centuries

Gowler, David

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This unique reception history of the Epistle of James is a prominent addition to the Blackwell Bible Commentaries series. Written by an outstanding New Testament specialist, it chronicles the major theological, political, and aesthetic responses to the text over the centuries, and to

Leibiger, Stuart - A Companion to James Madison and James Monroe, ebook

A Companion to James Madison and James Monroe

Leibiger, Stuart

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A Companion to James Madison and James Monroe features essays from leading academics that consider various aspects of the lives and legacies of our fourth and fifth presidents.Provides historians and students of history with a wealth of new insights

Burgess, Glenn - The Accession of James I, ebook

The Accession of James I

Burgess, Glenn


Table of contents
1. 1603: The End of English National Sovereignty
Conrad Russell
2. ‘Representing the awefull authoritie of soveraigne Majestie’: Monarchs and Mayors in Anthony Munday’s The Triumphes of Re-united Britania

Dimand, Robert W. - James Tobin, ebook

James Tobin

Dimand, Robert W.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Robert W. Dimand
2. An American Keynesian
Robert W. Dimand
3. Transforming the IS-LM Model Sector By Sector
Robert W. Dimand
4. Consumption, Rationing and Tobit Estimation Tobin as an Econometrician

Reisman, David - James Buchanan, ebook

James Buchanan

Reisman, David


Table of contents
1. Introduction
David Reisman
2. Individuals and Agreements
David Reisman
3. Rules without Regulators
David Reisman
4. Social Justice: Buchanan and Rawls
David Reisman
5. Social Evolution: Buchanan…

Zacharias, Greg W. - A Companion to Henry James, ebook

A Companion to Henry James

Zacharias, Greg W.


Written by some of the world's most distinguished Henry James scholars, this innovative collection of essays provides the most up-to-date scholarship on James’s writings available today. Provides an essential, up-to-date reference to the work and

James, Henry - Flickerbridge, ebook


James, Henry


In Henry James’ Flickerbridge Granger goes to England to recover and write. He left his girlfriend in Paris, and their commitment is unclear. Granger will rest to his girlfriend's cousin, Adelaide Wenham, who lives in an English village. When he gets to Miss Whenham he finds a person and

James, Henry - Brooksmith, ebook


James, Henry


In Henry James Brooksmith an unknown narrator tells the gradual decline of the butler of a retired diplomat, Mr. Offord. It seems that Brooksmith, the butler, contributed very much to the convivial and cultural atmosphere in the ballroom. At the end Mr. Offord was too ill to receive guests