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Campbell, Alyson - Viral Dramaturgies, ebook

Viral Dramaturgies

Campbell, Alyson


Blood, Shame, Resilience and Hope: Indigenous Theatre Maker Jacob Boehme’s Blood on the Dance Floor
Alyson Campbell, Jonathan Graffam
17. The Lazarus Effect: El SIDA/AIDS and Belated Mourning in Puerto Rican Theatre
Alberto Sandoval-Sánchez

Chang, Caren - Advances in Plant Ethylene Research, ebook

Advances in Plant Ethylene Research

Chang, Caren


Jacob, A. Rizzolo, A. Torricelli, L. Spinelli, R. Cubeddu
47. Ethylene production by ‘Prunus domestica’ plums during storage at different temperatures
A. E. Rato, D. Campos, J. M. Barroso, A. C. Agulheiro
48. The peach 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic

Blondelle, Sylvie E. - Understanding Biology Using Peptides, ebook

Understanding Biology Using Peptides

Blondelle, Sylvie E.


Synthesis and NMR Analysis of CCR5 and CXCR4 Peptides Containing Tyrosine Sulfate
Tatsuya Inui, Patricia Cano-Sanchez, Boris Arshava, Inbal Ayzenshtat, Jacob Anglister, Fred Naider
44. Steroid-Peptide Conjugates
Witold A. Neugebauer, Jérôme Côté, Audrey

Corkum, Paul - Ultrafast Phenomena XVI, ebook

Ultrafast Phenomena XVI

Corkum, Paul


Plasma-Blue-Shift Spectral Shear Interferometry for Characterization of Ultimately short Optical Pulses
A. Verhoef, A. Mitrofanov, A. M. Zheltikov, A. Baltuška
15. Spatially resolved Ar* and Ar+* imaging as a diagnostic for capillary based high harmonic generation

Corkum, Paul - Ultrafast Phenomena XV, ebook

Ultrafast Phenomena XV

Corkum, Paul


Ultrafast spectroscopy of single molecules
Erik Dijk, Mark Paske, Jordi Hernando, Jacob Hoogenboom, Maria Garcia-Parajo, Niek Hulst
75. Observation of Raman-Induced Nuclear Wavepacket Motion in S1 cis-Stilbene: Adiabatic Change of a Potential