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Wang, Yinglin - Foundations of Intelligent Systems, ebook

Foundations of Intelligent Systems

Wang, Yinglin


Efficient Closed Iterative Patterns Mining Algorithm via Prime-Block Encoding
Zhixin Ma, Zhe Ding, Yusheng Xu
2. Pool-Based Active Learning with Query Construction
Shanhong Zhang, Jian Yin, Weizhao Guo
3. The Research of Soft Measurement Method Based

Sambath, Sabo - Frontiers in Computer Education, ebook

Frontiers in Computer Education

Sambath, Sabo


A Lidar Receiver for Speed Measurement Based on Software Radio
Jiqiang Wang, Chang Wang, Tao Lei, Zhiqiang Song, Moyu Hou
121. The Study of Applying the Fuzzy PID Control to Improve the Stability of the Interstand Tension
Yanling Li, Hong Li
122. Efficient