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Sadoff, Robert L. - Ethical Issues in Forensic Psychiatry: Minimizing Harm, ebook

Ethical Issues in Forensic Psychiatry: Minimizing Harm

Sadoff, Robert L.

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In this book, Robert Sadoff analyzes the ethical issues affecting forensic psychiatric practice, especially those promulgated by the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law. Within those guidelines, he looks at individual bias, vulnerability of the examinee, and

Halstead, Richard W. - Assessment of Client Core Issues, ebook

Assessment of Client Core Issues

Halstead, Richard W.


This monograph instructs counselors on how to better recognize, understand, and treat clients’ underlying problems. The model presented helps uncover the origin of these core concerns, provides a means to address them, and challenges counselors to move…

Braithwaite, Ronald L. - Health Issues in the Black Community, ebook

Health Issues in the Black Community

Braithwaite, Ronald L.

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Health Issues in the Black Community THIRD EDITION
"The outstanding editors and authors of Health Issues in the Black Community have placed in clear perspective the challenges and opportunities we face in working to achieve the goal of health equity

Weng, Qihao - Scale Issues in Remote Sensing, ebook

Scale Issues in Remote Sensing

Weng, Qihao


This book provides up-to-date developments, methods, and techniques in the field of GIS and remote sensing and features articles from internationally renowned authorities on three interrelated perspectives of scaling issues: scale in land surface properties, land surface patterns, and land

Sayer, Stuart - Issues in Finance: Credit, Crises and Policies, ebook

Issues in Finance: Credit, Crises and Policies

Sayer, Stuart


Issues in Finance: Credit, Crises and Policies presents a collection of surveys on key issues surrounding the relationship between credit, finance, and the macro-economy that are linked to the recent global financial crisis.Presents a timely collection

Harris, Frances - Global Environmental Issues, ebook

Global Environmental Issues

Harris, Frances


Meeting the needs of upper level students, this book treats global environmental problems as complex issues with a network of human and biophysical causes. Each chapter interlinks human demands on the Earth's resources to natural biophysical change - not simply a 'cause and effect'

Seitz, John L. - Global Issues: An Introduction, ebook

Global Issues: An Introduction

Seitz, John L.


Extensively revised and updated, the new Fourth Edition of Global Issues: An Introduction offers a unique approach to the most important environmental, economic, social, and political concerns of modern life. Revised and updated to reflect the latest global developmentsExamines the most