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Sonn, Tamara - Islam: A Brief History, ebook

Islam: A Brief History

Sonn, Tamara


Reflecting recent developments and expanding its coverage of key issues, A Brief History of Islam, second edition is a concise and absorbing account of Islamic history and of Islam’s role in today’s global society.

An expanded

Sonn, Tamara - Islam: A Brief History, ebook

Islam: A Brief History

Sonn, Tamara


Reflecting recent global developments, the second edition of this illuminating introduction to Islamic history expands its coverage of the Qur’an, Sufism, and Muslim views on human rights, including the rights

Farrar, Max - Islam in the West, ebook

Islam in the West

Farrar, Max


Introduction: ‘Islam’, ‘the West’ and ‘Multiculturalism’
Paul Wetherly, Max Farrar, Simon Robinson, Yasmin Valli
2. Multiculturalism in the UK: A Contested Discourse
Max Farrar
3. Multiculturalism: Commonality, Diversity and Psychological

Hassan, Muhammad Haniff - Civil Disobedience in Islam, ebook

Civil Disobedience in Islam

Hassan, Muhammad Haniff


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Muhammad Haniff Hassan
2. Theological Arguments Against Civil Disobedience in Islam
Muhammad Haniff Hassan
3. Theological Arguments for Civil Disobedience in Islam
Muhammad Haniff Hassan

Lovat, Terence - Women in Islam, ebook

Women in Islam

Lovat, Terence


The ‘Women’s Movement’ in Modern Islam: Reflections on the Revival of Islam’s Oldest Issue
Terence Lovat
2. Reconciling Traditional Islamic Methods with Liberal Feminism: Reflections from Tunisia by Mohamed Talbi
Kelly al-Dakkak
3. Young Muslim

Baran, Zeyno - The Other Muslims, ebook

The Other Muslims

Baran, Zeyno


Democracy and Islam in the Maghreb and Implications for Europe
Fouad Laroui
Part II. Reaffirming and Protecting Islam
6. Rebel with a Cause: A Personal Journey from Sufism to Islamism and Beyond
Cosh Omar
7. Faces of Janus: The Arab-Muslim Community

Lewicki, Aleksandra - Social Justice through Citizenship?, ebook

Social Justice through Citizenship?

Lewicki, Aleksandra


The German Islam Conference: Institutionalized Dialogue with Muslims
Aleksandra Lewicki
5. Institutionalized Consultations with Muslims in Great Britain
Aleksandra Lewicki
6. The British Equalities Framework: Discrimination on Grounds of Religion