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Nabavi, Negin - Iran, ebook


Nabavi, Negin


The Sacred in Fragments: Shi‘i Iran since the 1979 Revolution
Babak Rahimi
Part II. National Ideology, the Economy, and the State
5. Matters of Authenticity: Nationalism, Islam, and Ethnic Diversity in Iran
Rasmus Christian Elling
6. From “Enemies

Dabashi, Hamid - Iran, ebook


Dabashi, Hamid


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Rebirth of a Nation
Hamid Dabashi
2. Chapter One: Persian Empire?
Hamid Dabashi
3. Chapter Two: A Civil Rights Movement
Hamid Dabashi
4. Chapter Three: A Metamorphic Movement

Nadel, Ira - David Mamet, ebook

David Mamet

Nadel, Ira


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Ira Nadel
2. City of Fact
Ira Nadel
3. South of the Northeast Kingdom
Ira Nadel
4. Off-Loop
Ira Nadel
5. South Side Gypsy
Ira Nadel
6. The American Way
Ira Nadel
7. Soldier…

Jahanbegloo, Ramin - Democracy in Iran, ebook

Democracy in Iran

Jahanbegloo, Ramin


Iran: The Anguished Odyssey of Democracy
2. Iran: A Century of Undemocratic Violence
Ramin Jahanbegloo
3. Iranian Encounters with Democracy
Ramin Jahanbegloo
4. Democracy and Lawfulness in the Iranian Constitutional Revolution
Ramin Jahanbegloo

Clawson, Patrick - Eternal Iran, ebook

Eternal Iran

Clawson, Patrick


Qajar Iran: Decline and Tumult, 1786–1921
Patrick Clawson, Michael Rubin
5. A New Order, 1921–1953
Patrick Clawson, Michael Rubin
6. Modernizing Iran, 1953–1978
Patrick Clawson, Michael Rubin
7. Revolution and War, 1978–1988