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Waisbord, Silvio - Media Sociology: A Reappraisal, ebook

Media Sociology: A Reappraisal

Waisbord, Silvio


Where is sociology in contemporary media studies? How do sociological questions and arguments shape media analysis? These are the questions addressed in this timely collection on media sociology.
Sociology was fundamental in defining the analytical boundaries of early media studies,

Giddens, Anthony - Essential Concepts in Sociology, ebook

Essential Concepts in Sociology

Giddens, Anthony


Social life is in a constant process of change, and sociology can never stand still. As a result, sociology today is a theoretically diverse enterprise, covering a huge range of subjects and drawing on a broad array of research methods. Central to this

Murphy, Wendy Wiedenhoft - The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Sociology, ebook

The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Sociology

Murphy, Wendy Wiedenhoft


The new, updated edition of the authoritative and comprehensive survey of modern sociology
The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Sociology, Second Edition is an authoritative survey of the major topics, current and emerging trends, and contemporary issues in the study of human social relationships

Selwyn, Neil - What is Digital Sociology?, ebook

What is Digital Sociology?

Selwyn, Neil


Blending theory and empirical examples, the five chapters highlight areas of inquiry where digital approaches are taking hold and shaping the discipline of sociology today. The book explores key topics such as digital race and digital labor, as well as the fast-changing

Ram, Uri - Israeli Sociology, ebook

Israeli Sociology

Ram, Uri


Predecessors: Sociology Before Sociology (1882–1948)
Uri Ram
3. Founders: Nation Building Modernized (1948–1967)
Uri Ram
4. Disciples: Nation Building Modified (1967–1996)
Uri Ram
5. Critics: Political Elites and Ethnoclasses (1977–1987)

Back, Les - Cultural Sociology: An Introduction, ebook

Cultural Sociology: An Introduction

Back, Les


Cultural Sociology: An Introduction is the first dedicated student textbook to address cultural sociology as a legitimate model for sociological thinking and research. Highly renowned authors present a rich overview of major sociological themes and the

Giri, Ananta Kumar - Beyond Sociology, ebook

Beyond Sociology

Giri, Ananta Kumar


Beyond Sociology: An Introduction and An Invitation
Ananta Kumar Giri
2. The Concept of Society: Beyond the Socio-Centric and Atman-Centric Predicament
Daya Krishna
3. Beyond Sociology: Cultivating an Ontological

Martell, Luke - The Sociology of Globalization, ebook

The Sociology of Globalization

Martell, Luke


The new edition of this accessible and wide-ranging book demonstrates the distinctive insights that sociology has to bring to the study of globalization. Taking in the cultural, political and economic dimensions of globalization, the book provides a thorough introduction