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Cowen, Robert - International Handbook of Comparative Education, ebook

International Handbook of Comparative Education

Cowen, Robert


The Modernist Beginnings of Comparative Education: The Proto-Scientific and the Reformist-Meliorist Administrative Motif
Pella Kaloyannaki, Andreas M. Kazamias
4. Forgotten Men, Forgotten Themes: The Historical-Philosophical-Cultural

Manzon, Maria - Comparative Education, ebook

Comparative Education

Manzon, Maria


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Deconstructing Comparative Education
Maria Manzon
2. Disciplines and Fields in Academic Discourse
Maria Manzon
3. The Empirical Substance and Mass that Constitute the Field of Comparative Education
Maria Manzon
4. Intellectual Histories of Comparative Education

Weidman, John C. - Beyond the Comparative, ebook

Beyond the Comparative

Weidman, John C.


Mapping Comparative, International,and Development Education
John C. Weidman, W. James Jacob
Part I. Social Cartography in CIDE Research
2. Paulston and Paradigms
Val D. Rust, Amanda Kenderes
3. Erasing Ancestry
Erwin H. Epstein, Katherine T.

Zajda, Joseph - Globalisation, Policy and Comparative Research, ebook

Globalisation, Policy and Comparative Research

Zajda, Joseph


Globalisation, and Comparative Research: Implications for Education
Joseph Zajda
3. Comparative Education in an Increasingly Globalised World
Lynn Davies
4. Globalisation and Its Malcontents: In Pursuit of the Promise of Education
Crain Soudien

Bartlett, Lesley - Critical Approaches to Comparative Education, ebook

Critical Approaches to Comparative Education

Bartlett, Lesley


The Décalage and Bricolage of Higher Education Policymaking in an Inter/National System
Rosemary Max
4. AIDS and Edutainment
Tonya Muro Phillips
Part 2. Exploring Participation in Inter/National Development Discourse
5. Questioning Participation

Maxwell, T.W. - Education in Bhutan, ebook

Education in Bhutan

Maxwell, T.W.


History and Transition of Secular Education in Bhutan from the Twentieth into the Twenty-First Century
Singye Namgyel, Phup Rinchhen
5. Higher Education in Bhutan: Progress and Challenges
Janet Ward Schofield