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Chong, Alan - International Security in the Asia-Pacific, ebook

International Security in the Asia-Pacific

Chong, Alan


Defence and Security Cooperation in East Asia: Whither ASEAN Centrality?
See Seng Tan
4. ASEAN’s Limitations in Conflict Resolution
Kriengsak Chareonwongsak
Part 1. The Great Powers: Going their Own Way or Tempering Rivalry with Some Reference to

Detraz, Nicole - International Security and Gender, ebook

International Security and Gender

Detraz, Nicole

From 22,45€

What does it mean to be secure? In the global news, we hear stories daily about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, about domestic-level conflicts around the world, about the challenges of cybersecurity and social security. This broad list highlights the fact that security

Fierke, Karin M. - Critical Approaches to International Security, ebook

Critical Approaches to International Security

Fierke, Karin M.


During the Cold War the concept of international security was understood in military terms as the threat or use of force by states. The end of EastÐWest hostilities, however, brought ‘critical’ perspectives to the fore as scholars sought to explain

Eichler, Jan - War, Peace and International Security, ebook

War, Peace and International Security

Eichler, Jan


Table of contents
1. Theoretical Inspiration: Three Key Authors
Jan Eichler
2. From Sarajevo to San Francisco
Jan Eichler
3. The Cold War
Jan Eichler
4. From the End of the Cold War to the End of the Global War on Terror

Chadha, Sharon - Jihad and International Security, ebook

Jihad and International Security

Chadha, Sharon


Table of contents
1. Where Is Jihad Being Fought?
Jalil Roshandel, Sharon Chadha
2. What Is The Ideology of Jihad?
Jalil Roshandel, Sharon Chadha
3. How Is Jihad Being Fought?
Jalil Roshandel, Sharon Chadha
4. Who Is Fighting…

McDonald, Bryan L. - Food Security, ebook

Food Security

McDonald, Bryan L.


Despite great global effort, events of the early 21st century clearly demonstrate that food remains a pressing challenge which has significant implications for security. In this book, Bryan McDonald explores how processes of globalization and global change have reshaped

Boggero, Marco - The Governance of Private Security, ebook

The Governance of Private Security

Boggero, Marco


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Marco Boggero
Part I. Ideas, Interests, and Institutions
2. The Swiss Initiative
Marco Boggero
3. The United Nations as Actor of Governance
Marco Boggero
4. Testing PMSC Norms

Zwolski, Kamil - European Security in Integration Theory, ebook

European Security in Integration Theory

Zwolski, Kamil


European Security, Integration Theory and Boundaries
Kamil Zwolski
2. Federalism and Security Through Boundaries
Kamil Zwolski
3. Europe as a Power: Boundaries Solidified
Kamil Zwolski
4. Functionalism and