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Bruff, Ian - Critical International Political Economy, ebook

Critical International Political Economy

Bruff, Ian


Introduction: ‘Critical’ and ‘International Political Economy’
Stuart Shields, Ian Bruff, Huw Macartney
Part I. Dialogue
2. Missing Voices: Critical IPE, Disciplinary History and H.N. Brailsford’s Analysis

Basu, Dipak - International Business and Political Economy, ebook

International Business and Political Economy

Basu, Dipak


Financial Stability and the International Monetary Fund
Dipak Basu, Victoria Miroshnik
10. The Greek Tragedy and Its Lessons
Dipak Basu, Victoria Miroshnik
11. Russian Reforms and Its Consequences
Dipak Basu, Victoria Miroshnik
12. Economic

Cai, Kevin G. - The Political Economy of East Asia, ebook

The Political Economy of East Asia

Cai, Kevin G.


The Historical Origin of the East Asian Political Economy, 1895–1945
Kevin G. Cai
3. The External Setting and Internal Dynamics in the Post-1945 Era
Kevin G. Cai
4. The Japanese Political