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Gibbon, Peter - Global Agro-Food Trade and Standards, ebook

Global Agro-Food Trade and Standards

Gibbon, Peter


Agro-Food Standards and Africa: An Introduction
Peter Gibbon, Evelyne Lazaro
2. Product Carbon Footprint Standards and Schemes
Simon Bolwig, Peter Gibbon
3. Institutional Capacity for Food Safety Conformity in Tanzania
Adam Akyoo, Evelyne Lazaro

Humphrey, John - Regulations and International Trade, ebook

Regulations and International Trade

Humphrey, John


Regulation, Standards and Risk Management in the Context of Globalization
John Humphrey
3. Regulatory Diffusion from Europe to Asia
Etsuyo Michida
4. Adapting to EU Chemical Regulations: The Experience of Thailand
Nudjarin Ramungul
5. Diffusion