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Lefever, Katrien - New Media and Sport, ebook

New Media and Sport

Lefever, Katrien


Sports/Media Complex in the New Media Landscape
Katrien Lefever
3. Specificity of Sport: The Important Role of Sport in Society
Katrien Lefever
4. Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights and the Public’s Right to Information Regarding

Blackshaw, Ian S. - International Sports Law: An Introductory Guide, ebook

International Sports Law: An Introductory Guide

Blackshaw, Ian S.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Ian S. Blackshaw
2. European and US Models of Sport
Ian S. Blackshaw
3. Sport and the General Law
Ian S. Blackshaw
4. Sports’ Governing Bodies
Ian S. Blackshaw
5. IP and Sport
Ian S. Blackshaw
6. Sports Image Rights
Ian S. Blackshaw
7. TV

Mahalwar, Vandana - Copyright Law in the Digital World, ebook

Copyright Law in the Digital World

Mahalwar, Vandana


Reproduction Right in Digital Medium and Free Use for Educational Purpose—An Analysis of National and International Obligations of India to Provide Education to All Viz. a Viz. Protecting Copyright
Poonam Dass
6. ‘Minor Exemptions’ Doctrine in National

Lopez-Tarruella, Aurelio - Google and the Law, ebook

Google and the Law

Lopez-Tarruella, Aurelio


Google AdWords: Trade Mark Law and Liability of Internet Service Providers
Jeremy Phillips
4. Google and Personal Data Protection
Bart Sloot, Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius
5. Google News and Copyright
Raquel Xalabarder
6. Copyright Issues Regarding

Fenwick, Mark - Flexibility in Modern Business Law, ebook

Flexibility in Modern Business Law

Fenwick, Mark


The Flexibility of Law and Its Limits in Contemporary Business Regulation
Mark Fenwick, Stefan Wrbka
Part I. The Perspective of the Lawmaker
2. The Potential and Limits of Teleological Reduction Shown with the Example of the Austrian Warranty Regime

Mazumder, Anirban - Database Law, ebook

Database Law

Mazumder, Anirban


Copyright Law, Databases and Its Protection
Anirban Mazumder
4. Database Protection: European Experience
Anirban Mazumder
5. Aborted American Attempts
Anirban Mazumder
6. Indian Database Industry and Its Aspirations and Existing Legal Regime