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Evrensel, Ayse - International Finance For Dummies, ebook

International Finance For Dummies

Evrensel, Ayse


Want to get the most out of your International Finance course?
Nowadays the value of daily foreign exchange trading is more than one hundred times the value of annual international trade in goods and services.

Roy, Malabika - International Trade and International Finance, ebook

International Trade and International Finance

Roy, Malabika


International Trade and Institutions
5. International Trade and the Size of the Government
Rajat Acharyya
6. The Effects of Corruption on Trade Flows: A Disaggregated Analysis
Subhayu Bandyopadhyay, Suryadipta Roy
7. Enlargement Decisions of Regional

Bhogal, Tarsem Singh - International Trade Finance, ebook

International Trade Finance

Bhogal, Tarsem Singh


Table of contents
1. International Trade and Inherent Risks
Tarsem Singh Bhogal, Arun Kumar Trivedi
2. Services Offered by Commercial Banks
Tarsem Singh Bhogal, Arun Kumar Trivedi
3. Methods of Trade
Tarsem Singh Bhogal, Arun Kumar Trivedi
4. Foreign Exchange Rates
Tarsem Singh Bhogal, Arun Kumar

Biekpe, Nicholas - Development Finance, ebook

Development Finance

Biekpe, Nicholas


Development Finance and Its Innovations for Sustainable Growth. An Introduction
Nicholas Biekpe, Danny Cassimon, Karel Verbeke
2. Domestic Resource Mobilization in Africa: Capacity Imperatives
Emmanuel Nnadozie, Thomas C. Munthali, Robert Nantchouang,

Rizvi, Syed Aun R. - Developments in Islamic Finance, ebook

Developments in Islamic Finance

Rizvi, Syed Aun R.


Islamic Finance—Local and Global Status
Irum Saba
2. Sukuk for the Financing of Non-revenue Water Management: Malaysia as a Case Study
Kulsanofer Syed Thajudeen
3. Role of Takaful in Raising Higher Education Enrollment