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McDonald, Frank - International Business, ebook

International Business

McDonald, Frank


International Business Adjusting to New Challenges and Opportunities Published in association with the UK Chapter of the Academy of International Business (AIB), this ninth

Harris, Simon - International Business, ebook

International Business

Harris, Simon


Are Corruption and Ease of Doing Business Correlated? An Analysis of 172 Nations
Jorge Mongay, Diana A. Filipescu
3. ‘Old Wine in New Bottles’? The Meaning and Drivers of CSR in SMEs in a Transition Economy
Veselina Stoyanova
4. ‘Second Best’

Brannen, Mary Yoko - Language in International Business, ebook

Language in International Business

Brannen, Mary Yoko


Cross-cultural Interaction: The International Comparison Fallacy?
Nancy J. Adler, John L. Graham
4. The Multinational Corporation as a Multilingual Community: Language and Organization in a Global Context
Yadong Luo, Oded Shenkar
5. Language Policies

Casson, Mark - The Theory of International Business, ebook

The Theory of International Business

Casson, Mark


The Relationship Between Economics and International Business Studies
Mark Casson
2. Introduction to Modelling Techniques
Mark Casson
3. Introduction to Monopoly
Mark Casson
4. Introduction to Location

Ibeh, Kevin - Growth Frontiers in International Business, ebook

Growth Frontiers in International Business

Ibeh, Kevin


Introduction: Towards Advancing the Growth of International Businesses and the Global Economy
Kevin Ibeh, Paz Estrella Tolentino, Odile E. M. Janne, Xiaming Liu
Part I. Policy Frontiers
2. Instigating Start-Up Industries

Jackson, Gregory - Corporate Governance and International Business, ebook

Corporate Governance and International Business

Jackson, Gregory


Table of contents
1. Why Does Corporate Governance Matter for International Business?
Gregory Jackson, Roger Strange
Part I. Corporate Governance, Strategy and Performance
2. The Impact of Privatization on Company Performance in Transition Economies: an Evaluation
Saul Estrin
3. Corporate Governance and

Raghunath, S. - International Business Strategy, ebook

International Business Strategy

Raghunath, S.


International Strategy in the Emerging-Market Context: The Big Picture
2. Taking Stock of the Principal–Principal Agency Perspective: A Review and the Way Ahead
Kshitij Awasthi
3. Internationalization of Emerging-Market Firms: The Contingent Role of Board

Buzdugan, Stephen - Impact of International Business, ebook

Impact of International Business

Buzdugan, Stephen


Introduction: Impact of International Business: Challenges and Solutions for Policy and Practice
Heinz Tüselmann, Stephen Buzdugan, Qi Cao, David Freund, Sougand Golesorkhi
Part I. The Impact of Locations, Institutions

Larimo, Jorma - Value Creation in International Business, ebook

Value Creation in International Business

Larimo, Jorma


Value Creation in International Joint Ventures: Impact of Inter-Partner Factors and Location
Tahir Ali, Jorma Larimo, Huu Nguyen
3. Joint Venture Longevity in Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Countries
Dora Triki, Emna Moalla, Ulrike Mayrhofer