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Beke, Jeno - International Accounting Harmonization, ebook

International Accounting Harmonization

Beke, Jeno


The Influencing Factors of Accounting Harmonization
Jeno Beke
4. Problems Caused by Accounting Diversity
Jeno Beke
5. Economic Factors of Accounting Harmonization
Jeno Beke
6. Comparative Statistical Analysis

 - Intermediate Accounting For Dummies, ebook

Intermediate Accounting For Dummies


The easy way to master an intermediate accounting course
Intermediate accounting courses are required for students seeking bachelor's degrees in accounting and often for degrees in finance, business administration, and management. Intermediate

Collings, Steven - Financial Accounting For Dummies, ebook

Financial Accounting For Dummies

Collings, Steven


Your plain–English guide to financial accounting for students and trainees.
Financial Accounting For Dummies provides students who are studying finance, accounting and business with the basic concepts, terminology,

Laurin, Cecile - Accounting For Canadians For Dummies, ebook

Accounting For Canadians For Dummies

Laurin, Cecile


Get it right with this accessible guide to Canadian accounting practices 
As the demand for on-the-money accounting expertise grows in Canada’s increasingly complex public and private business landscape, current and future accounting professionals