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McDonald, Frank - International Business, ebook

International Business

McDonald, Frank


International Business Adjusting to New Challenges and Opportunities Published in association with the UK Chapter of the Academy of International Business (AIB), this ninth volume in the AIB series focuses on the new challenges and developments in

Mead, Richard - International Management, ebook

International Management

Mead, Richard


The book's key distinctive feature remains its truly international profile, with current examples from the US, Europe, Asia and new perspectives in this edition from other regions.
Discussion of cross-cultural models is updated by including the 'crossvergence' framework

Shapcott, Richard - International Ethics: A Critical Introduction, ebook

International Ethics: A Critical Introduction

Shapcott, Richard


Is it is justifiable to make any basic moral distinction between 'insiders and outsiders'? Do we have substantive duties of 'justice' to all human beings or merely Humanitarian duties of aid and assistance? These are two of the most crucial questions confronting world politics and the field of international

Scabini, Paolo - International Entrepreneurship, ebook

International Entrepreneurship

Scabini, Paolo


Theoretical Foundations of International Entrepreneurship
Antonella Zucchella, Paolo Scabini
3. International Business Studies
Antonella Zucchella, Paolo Scabini
4. Entrepreneurship Studies
Antonella Zucchella, Paolo Scabini
5. Strategic Management

Barkin, J. Samuel - International Organization, ebook

International Organization

Barkin, J. Samuel


Introduction: The State and International Organizations
J. Samuel Barkin
2. Sovereignty and Globalization
J. Samuel Barkin
3. Power and Interdependence
J. Samuel Barkin
4. Regimes and Institutions
J. Samuel Barkin
5. Efficiency and Ideas

Evrensel, Ayse - International Finance For Dummies, ebook

International Finance For Dummies

Evrensel, Ayse


Want to get the most out of your International Finance course?
Nowadays the value of daily foreign exchange trading is more than one hundred times the value of annual international trade in goods and services. As result of the great importance of

Roy, Malabika - International Trade and International Finance, ebook

International Trade and International Finance

Roy, Malabika


International Trade and Institutions
5. International Trade and the Size of the Government
Rajat Acharyya
6. The Effects of Corruption on Trade Flows: A Disaggregated Analysis
Subhayu Bandyopadhyay, Suryadipta Roy
7. Enlargement Decisions of Regional