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Bakker, Saskia - Peripheral Interaction, ebook

Peripheral Interaction

Bakker, Saskia


Casual Interaction—Moving Between Peripheral and High Engagement Interactions
Henning Pohl
7. Fluent Transitions Between Focused and Peripheral Interaction in Proxemic Interactions
Jo Vermeulen, Steven Houben, Nicolai

Dalton, Nicholas S. - Architecture and Interaction, ebook

Architecture and Interaction

Dalton, Nicholas S.


Applying HCI Methods and Concepts to Architectural Design (Or Why Architects Could Use HCI Even If They Don’t Know It)
Jakub Krukar, Ruth Conroy Dalton, Christoph Hölscher
3. What Is It About Space That Is Important in Interaction?

Isomäki, Hannakaisa - Future Interaction Design II, ebook

Future Interaction Design II

Isomäki, Hannakaisa


Enhancing Mutual Awareness, Productivity, and Feeling: Cognitive Science Approach to Design of Groupware Systems
Petra Kohler, Sebastian Pannasch, Boris M. Velichkovsky
4. The Future of Interaction Research: Interaction

Stapelkamp, Torsten - Interaction- und Interfacedesign, ebook

Interaction- und Interfacedesign

Stapelkamp, Torsten


Table of contents
1. Einführung Form und Funktion
Torsten Stapelkamp
2. Interactiondesign
Torsten Stapelkamp
3. Interfacedesign
Torsten Stapelkamp
4. Servicedesign – User Experience Design, Joy of Use
Torsten Stapelkamp
5. Usability
Torsten Stapelkamp
6. Zielgruppenanalyse und -ansprache

Isomäki, Hannakaisa - Future Interaction Design, ebook

Future Interaction Design

Isomäki, Hannakaisa


The value of the novel in designing for experience
Peter Wright, John McCarthy
3. A human-centred perspective on interaction design
Liam J. Bannon
4. Incorporating self into web information system design
Anita Greenhill, Hannakaisa Isomäki

Jones, Matt - Mobile Interaction Design, ebook

Mobile Interaction Design

Jones, Matt


Mobile Interaction Design shifts the design perspective away from the technology and concentrates on usability; in other words the book concentrates on developing interfaces and devices with a great deal of sensitivity

Hasegawa, Shoichi - Haptic Interaction, ebook

Haptic Interaction

Hasegawa, Shoichi


Whole Hand Interaction with Multi-finger Movement-Based Vibrotactile Stimulation
Shota Iizuka, Hikaru Nagano, Masashi Konyo, Satoshi Tadokoro
28. Signal and Power Transfer to Actuators Distributed on Conductive Fabric Sheet for Wearable Tactile Display