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Barreteau, Olivier - Integrated Groundwater Management, ebook

Integrated Groundwater Management

Barreteau, Olivier


Groundwater Management Under Global Change: Sustaining Biodiversity, Energy and Food Supplies
Jamie Pittock, Karen Hussey, Andrew Stone
5. Linking Climate Change and Groundwater
Timothy Richard Green
Part II. Governance
6. Groundwater Governance

Coenen, Marleen - Integrated Water Management, ebook

Integrated Water Management

Coenen, Marleen


Concepts and Approaches of Integrated Water Management
1. Introduction
Patrick Meire, Marleen Coenen, Claudio Lombardo, Michela Robba, Roberto Sacile
2. Filling the Information Gap between Water Systems and Decision

Fathi, Madjid - Integrated Systems, Design and Technology 2010, ebook

Integrated Systems, Design and Technology 2010

Fathi, Madjid


Initial Stress Behaviour of Micro Injection-Moulded Devices with Integrated Piezo-Fibre Composites
Lothar Kroll, Marco Walther, Wolfgang Nendel, Michael Heinrich, Matthias Klärner, Jürgen Tröltzsch
11. Development of Particle-Reinforced Silver-Based Contact

Khurana, Reema - Information Systems, Technology and Management, ebook

Information Systems, Technology and Management

Khurana, Reema


Value-Based Risk Management for Web Information Goods
Tharaka Ilayperuma, Jelena Zdravkovic
12. Quality and Business Offer Driven Selection of Web Services for Compositions
Demian Antony D’Mello, V. S. Ananthanarayana
13. Managing Sustainability with