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Höst, Stefan - Information and Communication Theory, ebook

Information and Communication Theory

Höst, Stefan


An important text that offers an in-depth guide to how information theory sets the boundaries for data communication
In an accessible and practical style, Information and Communication Theory explores the topic of information

Azar, Ahmad Taher - Information and Communication Technology, ebook

Information and Communication Technology

Azar, Ahmad Taher


Table of contents
1. Automation of Railway Engine Pilot Security System Using Multimodal Biometric Identification
K. Sujatha, K. Senthil Kumar, Nallamilli P. G. Bhavani, V. Srividhya, T. Kalpalatha Reddy, K. S. Ramkumar
2. Extracting Hidden Patterns Within Road Accident Data Using Machine Learning Techniques

Luo, Jia - Soft Computing in Information Communication Technology, ebook

Soft Computing in Information Communication Technology

Luo, Jia


Discusses Display Space Information Dissemination to Appeal to the Point
Yuhua Li, Lili Xu, Futing Wang
2. Brief Discussion of “Concept Illustration Art” of Information Age
Futing Wang
3. Nature·Humanity·Soul Porcelain·Ganzi
Kuikui Zhao,