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Gibbs, Donna - Comparative Information Technology, ebook

Comparative Information Technology

Gibbs, Donna


Abstract Tools and Technologies of Learning An Evolving
David Butt, Ichiro Kobayashi, Makoto Sasaki
4. E-Learning in Schools: Making Successful Connections
Jennifer Fergusson, Donna Gibbs, Maree Gosper, Robyn Philip
5. What is Needed For Global E-Learning

Park, James J. (Jong Hyuk) - Future Information Technology, ebook

Future Information Technology

Park, James J. (Jong Hyuk)


Application for Reversible Information Hiding in Multilpe Secret Images Sharing Based on Shamir’s Scheme
Chyuan-Huei Thomas Yang, Che-Lun Chung, Yu Min Lin, Song Yong Fan
49. The Arm Strength Training Machine with Biofeedback
Tze-Yee Ho, Mu-Song Chen,

Mikolajick, Thomas - Materials for Information Technology, ebook

Materials for Information Technology

Mikolajick, Thomas


Interconnect Technology — Today, Recent Advances and a Look into the Future
M. Engelhardt, G. Schindler, W. Steinhögl, G. Steinlesberger, M. Traving
20. Dielectric and Scaling Effects on Electromigration for Cu Interconnects
P. S. Ho, K. -D. Lee, J.