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Capet, Philippe - Information Evaluation, ebook

Information Evaluation

Capet, Philippe


During the reception of a piece of information, we are never passive. Depending on its origin and content, from our personal beliefs and convictions, we bestow upon this piece of information, spontaneously or after reflection, a certain amount of confidence.

Ventre, Daniel - Information Warfare, ebook

Information Warfare

Ventre, Daniel


This book introduces policy, government, and security professionals to the concept of “information warfare,” covering its evolution over the last decade and its developments among such economic and political giants as China, Russia, Japan, India, and Singapore. The text describes

Ventre, Daniel - Information Warfare, ebook

Information Warfare

Ventre, Daniel


This book deals with the concept of "information war", covering its development over the last two decades and seeks to answer the following questions: is the control of the information space really possible remains or she a utopia?

Alcaraz, Marina - Digital Information Ecosystems: Smart Press, ebook

Digital Information Ecosystems: Smart Press

Alcaraz, Marina


Digital information, particularly for online newsgathering and reporting, is an industry fraught with uncertainty and rapid innovation. Digital Information Ecosystems: Smart Press crosses academic knowledge with research by media groups to understand

Gaussier, Eric - Textual Information Access: Statistical Models, ebook

Textual Information Access: Statistical Models

Gaussier, Eric


This book presents statistical models that have recently been developed within several research communities to access information contained in text collections. The problems considered are linked to applications aiming at facilitating information access:
- information extraction and

Saad, In?s - Information Systems for Knowledge Management, ebook

Information Systems for Knowledge Management

Saad, In?s


However, considering the large amount of knowledge created and used in the organization, especially with the evolution of information and communications technologies, the firm must first determine the specific knowledge on which

Badura, Pawel - Information Technologies in Medicine, ebook

Information Technologies in Medicine

Badura, Pawel


Electrical Activity of Uterus as Reliable Information on Contractions During Pregnancy and Labour
Krzysztof Horoba, Janusz Jezewski, Tomasz Kupka, Adam Matonia, Robert Czabanski, Dawid Roj
30. Computer-Aided Evaluation of Sibilants in Preschool Children Sigmatism

Piȩtka, Ewa - Information Technologies in Biomedicine, ebook

Information Technologies in Biomedicine

Piȩtka, Ewa


Open Standards as a Basis of the Information Services Platform in Health Care Area
Kazimierz Frączkowski, Michał Szczepaniak
VII. Biomechanics
41. Application of Motion Analysis Systems in the Designing of a Rehabilitation Device
Robert Michnik, Jacek