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Beneden, Chris A. Van - Infectious Disease Surveillance, ebook

Infectious Disease Surveillance

Beneden, Chris A. Van


This unique book covers many major disease surveillance systems, drawing on the experiences of leading experts from around the world. Beginning with an overview of the newly revised International Health Regulations from the World Health Organization, the book progresses to explore surveillance

Norman, Dean - Infectious Disease in the Aging, ebook

Infectious Disease in the Aging

Norman, Dean


Table of contents
2. Epidemiology of Aging and Infectious Diseases
Thomas T. Yoshikawa
3. Factors Predisposing to Infection
Dean C. Norman
4. Clinical Features of Infection
Dean C. Norman
5. Role and Importance of Functional Assessment in Infections
Robert M. Palmer
6. Principles of Antimicrobial

Loeb, Mark - Evidence-Based Infectious Diseases, ebook

Evidence-Based Infectious Diseases

Loeb, Mark


This major text discusses evidence based practice in the principal infectious disease groups. The introduction covers the methodology of systematic reviews in the context of infectious disease,

Kanki, Phyllis - Infectious Diseases, ebook

Infectious Diseases

Kanki, Phyllis


Waterborne Diseases of the Ocean, Enteric Viruses
Jacquelina W. Woods
14. Waterborne Infectious Diseases, Approaches to Control
Alan Fenwick, Albis Francesco Gabrielli, Michael