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Edwards, Paul - Industrial Relations: Theory and Practice, ebook

Industrial Relations: Theory and Practice

Edwards, Paul


This is a completely revised and updated second edition of the acclaimed Industrial Relations. The new book gives particular attention throughout to the effects of international and European developments on British Industrial

Colling, Trevor - Industrial Relations: Theory and Practice, ebook

Industrial Relations: Theory and Practice

Colling, Trevor


This revised edition of Industrial Relations: Theory and Practice follows the approach established successfully in preceding volumes edited by Paul Edwards. The focus is on Britain after a decade of public policy which has once again altered the terrain

Marginson, Paul - European Integration and Industrial Relations, ebook

European Integration and Industrial Relations

Marginson, Paul


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Contested Terrain
Paul Marginson, Keith Sisson
2. The Starting Point: Three Key Dimensions
Paul Marginson, Keith Sisson
3. Multi-Level Governance in the Making: Introducing the Key Processes
Paul Marginson, Keith Sisson
4. Industrial Relations at EU Community and

Papadakis, Konstantinos - Shaping Global Industrial Relations, ebook

Shaping Global Industrial Relations

Papadakis, Konstantinos


Global Social Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility in Outsourced Apparel Supply Chains: The Inditex Global Framework Agreement
Doug Miller
Part III. Complementary Initiatives
10. Organizing Networks and Alliances: International Unionism between

Dhar, Diva - Export Success and Industrial Linkages, ebook

Export Success and Industrial Linkages

Dhar, Diva


Table of contents
Part I. Concepts and Background
1. Research Question, Conceptual Framework, and Background
Shahrukh Rafi Khan, Diva Dhar, Mariam Navaid, Manisha Pradhananga, Farah Siddique, Ashima Singh, Siyumii Yanthrawaduge
2. The Textile…

McAdams, John - The New Class in Post-Industrial Society, ebook

The New Class in Post-Industrial Society

McAdams, John


Table of contents
1. The Theory of the New Class
John McAdams
2. The Three Class Worldviews
John McAdams
3. Class Voting in Presidential Elections
John McAdams
4. Class and Politics: Referendum Data
John McAdams
5. The…