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Grous, Ammar - Applied Metrology for Manufacturing Engineering, ebook

Applied Metrology for Manufacturing Engineering

Grous, Ammar


Applied Metrology for Manufacturing Engineering, stands out from traditional works due to its educational aspect. Illustrated by tutorials and laboratory models, it is accessible to users of non-specialists in the fields of design and manufacturing.

Tiwari, Manoj - Evolutionary Computing in Advanced Manufacturing, ebook

Evolutionary Computing in Advanced Manufacturing

Tiwari, Manoj


This cutting-edge book covers emerging, evolutionary and nature inspired optimization techniques in the field of advanced manufacturing.  The complexity of real life advanced manufacturing problems often cannot be solved by traditional engineering

Khan, Wasim Ahmed - Virtual Manufacturing, ebook

Virtual Manufacturing

Khan, Wasim Ahmed


Augmented Reality for Industrial Manipulators, Gantries and Conveyors
Wasim Ahmed Khan, Abdul Raouf, Kai Cheng
7. Virtual Reality Design for Programmable Logic Controller Based Applications
Wasim Ahmed Khan, Abdul Raouf, Kai Cheng
8. Augmented Reality

Davim, J. Paulo - Progress in Lean Manufacturing, ebook

Progress in Lean Manufacturing

Davim, J. Paulo


A Literature Review on Lean Manufacturing in Small Manufacturing Companies
Laís Ghizoni Pereira, Guilherme Luz Tortorella
4. Application of Structural Equation Modeling for Analysis of Lean Concepts Deployment in Healthcare Sector
S. Vinodh, A. M. Dhakshinamoorthy

Dornfeld, David - Precision Manufacturing, ebook

Precision Manufacturing

Dornfeld, David


Introduction to precision manufacturing
2. Machine design for precision manufacturing
3. Principles of measurement
4. Mechanical errors
5. Thermal errors
6. Error mapping and error budgets
7. Error due to compliance

Davim, J. Paulo - Diagnostic Techniques in Industrial Engineering, ebook

Diagnostic Techniques in Industrial Engineering

Davim, J. Paulo


Remanufacturing: An Industrial Strategy for Economic Benefits
Adarsh Anand, Gunjan Bansal, Mohini Agarwal, Deepti Aggrawal
5. Computer Interfaces in Diagnostic Process of Industrial Engineering
Lata Nautiyal, Preeti Malik, Mangey Ram
6. Models for Soil