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Boyadjiev, Christo - Theoretical Chemical Engineering, ebook

Theoretical Chemical Engineering

Boyadjiev, Christo


Table of contents
1. Simple Process Models
Christo Boyadjiev
2. Complex Process Models
Christo Boyadjiev
3. Mass Transfer Theories
Christo Boyadjiev
4. Qualitative Analysis
Christo Boyadjiev
5. Quantitative Analysis

Anastas, Paul T. - Green Chemical Engineering, ebook

Green Chemical Engineering

Anastas, Paul T.


Green chemistry and chemical engineering belong together and this twelth volume in the successful Handbook of Green Chemistry series represents the perfect one-stop reference on the topic.
Written by an international

Plotkin, Jeffery S. - Industrial Organic Chemicals, ebook

Industrial Organic Chemicals

Plotkin, Jeffery S.


An essential introduction to the organic chemicals industry—in the context of globalization, advances in technology, and environmental concerns
Providing 95 percent of the 500 billion pounds of organic chemicals produced in the world, the petroleum

Lloyd, Lawrie - Handbook of Industrial Catalysts, ebook

Handbook of Industrial Catalysts

Lloyd, Lawrie


Table of contents
1. Industrial Catalysts
Lawrie Lloyd
2. The First Catalysts
Lawrie Lloyd
3. Hydrogenation Catalysts
Lawrie Lloyd
4. Oxidation Catalysts
Lawrie Lloyd
5. Catalytic Cracking Catalysts
Lawrie Lloyd
6. Refinery Catalysts
Lawrie Lloyd
7. Petrochemical Catalysts

K, Vidya Shetty - Recent Advances in Chemical Engineering, ebook

Recent Advances in Chemical Engineering

K, Vidya Shetty


CFD Simulation of Chemical Looping Combustion of Coal
Kavitha G. Menon, Venkata Suresh Patnaikuni
38. Analysis of Flow Behaviour in a Jet Ejector Using CFD
D. Arumuga Perumal, M. P. Mydeen, C. S. Sabarish, M. Selvam, B. Duraisamy
39. CFD Studies on

Bonilla-Petriciolet, Adrián - Process Intensification in Chemical Engineering, ebook

Process Intensification in Chemical Engineering

Bonilla-Petriciolet, Adrián


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Juan Gabriel Segovia-Hernández, Adrián Bonilla-Petriciolet
2. Fundamentals of Process Intensification: A Process Systems Engineering View
Deenesh K. Babi, Mauricio Sales Cruz, Rafiqul Gani
3. Systematic Synthesis of Intensified Distillation Systems
Massimiliano Errico,

Zlokarnik, Marko - Scale-up in Chemical Engineering, ebook

Scale-up in Chemical Engineering

Zlokarnik, Marko


The second part presents the individual basic operations and covers the fields of mechanical, thermal, and chemical process engineering with respect to dimensional analysis and scale-up. The rules for scale-up are given and discussed for each operation. Other additions

Doligalski, Michał - Practical Aspects of Chemical Engineering, ebook

Practical Aspects of Chemical Engineering

Doligalski, Michał


Table of contents
1. Silage of Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) as a Bioenergy Feedstock in Poland
Mariusz Adamski, Waldemar Szaferski, Piotr Gulewicz, Włodzimierz Majtkowski
2. Process Intensification in Practice: Ethylene Glycol Case Study
Magda H. Barecka, Mirko Skiborowski, Andrzej Górak
3. Problems of