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Arpe, Hans-Jürgen - Industrial Organic Chemistry, ebook

Industrial Organic Chemistry

Arpe, Hans-Jürgen


' (Berichte der Bunsengesellschaft für Physikalische Chemie)
'Whether student or scientist, theorist or practician - everyboby interested in industrial organic chemistry will appreciate this work.' (farbe + lack)
'...it should be ready to hand to every

Kent, James A. - Handbook of Industrial Chemistry and Biotechnology, ebook

Handbook of Industrial Chemistry and Biotechnology

Kent, James A.


Green Engineering: Integration of Green Chemistry, Pollution Prevention, and Risk-Based Considerations
David Shonnard, Angela Lindner, Nhan Nguyen, Palghat A. Ramachandran, Daniel Fichana, Robert Hesketh, C. Stewart Slater, Richard Engler
6. Industrial Catalysis:

Häring, Heinz-Wolfgang - Industrial Gases Processing, ebook

Industrial Gases Processing

Häring, Heinz-Wolfgang


Almost every modern manufacturing process relies on industrial gases, and sales of such gases are expected to rise by around 45% over the next five years.
Here, experienced and authoritative experts from one of the two world's largest producer of industrial

Chianese, Angelo - Industrial Crystallization Process Monitoring and Control, ebook

Industrial Crystallization Process Monitoring and Control

Chianese, Angelo


This ready reference and handbook draws on the experience and expertise of a large group of experts in the various areas of industrial crystallization processes, capturing the essence of current trends, the markets, design tools and technologies in this key field. Along the way, it outlines

Reschetilowski, Wladimir - Microreactors in Preparative Chemistry, ebook

Microreactors in Preparative Chemistry

Reschetilowski, Wladimir


To begin with, the knowledge necessary for the preparative chemistry concerning the influence of the so-called microeffects on the reaction procedure and on mass and heat transfer as well as the surface phenomena are provided in detail. Next, practical aspects of the