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Islam, Md. Nazrul - Chinese and Indian Medicine Today, ebook

Chinese and Indian Medicine Today

Islam, Md. Nazrul


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Md. Nazrul Islam
2. History, Theory, and Method from the Classical Texts
Md. Nazrul Islam
3. Professionalization According to Western Line: Education and Health Service Delivery
Md. Nazrul Islam

Greenwood, Anna - Indian Doctors in Kenya, 1895–1940, ebook

Indian Doctors in Kenya, 1895–1940

Greenwood, Anna


Indians, Western Medicine, and the Establishment of the Protectorate
Anna Greenwood, Harshad Topiwala
4. Race and Medicine
Anna Greenwood, Harshad Topiwala
5. Indians in the Colonial Medical Service
Anna Greenwood, Harshad Topiwala
6. Squeezing

Banda, Geoffrey - Making Medicines in Africa, ebook

Making Medicines in Africa

Banda, Geoffrey


Making Medicines in Africa: An Historical Political Economy Overview
Geoffrey Banda, Samuel Wangwe, Maureen Mackintosh
3. Pharmaceuticals in Kenya: The Evolution of Technological Capabilities
Roberto Simonetti, Norman Clark, Watu Wamae
4. Pharmaceutical

Ramzan, Iqbal - Phytotherapies: Efficacy, Safety, and Regulation, ebook

Phytotherapies: Efficacy, Safety, and Regulation

Ramzan, Iqbal


•    Helps readers better understand phytotherapy and learn the fundamentals of and how to analyze phytotherapeutic agents
•    Discusses phytotherapy in modern medicine, chemoprevention of disease, and  alternatives to western

Lahiri, Koushik - A Treatise on Topical Corticosteroids in Dermatology, ebook

A Treatise on Topical Corticosteroids in Dermatology

Lahiri, Koushik


Table of contents
1. Evolution and Development of Topical Corticosteroids
Sandip Mukhopadhyay, Gagandeep Kwatra
2. Topical Corticosteroids: Pharmacology
Gagandeep Kwatra, Sandip Mukhopadhyay
3. Dermatological Indications and Usage of Topical Corticosteroid
Jayakar Thomas, Kumar Parimalam
4. An Evidence

Evans, Matthew R. B. - Neuromuscular Disease, ebook

Neuromuscular Disease

Evans, Matthew R. B.


Table of contents
Part I. Peripheral Nerve, Neuromuscular Junction and Motor Neuron Disorders
1. A Woman Who Could Not Wear High Heels
Mohamed Mahdi-Rogers, Matilde Laurá, Mary M. Reilly
2. Rare as Rocking Horse Droppings
Matthew R. B. Evans, Zane Jaunmuktane, Sebastian Brandner, Hadi Manji
3. A Lady with

Pinkerton, Kent E. - Global Climate Change and Public Health, ebook

Global Climate Change and Public Health

Pinkerton, Kent E.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Consequences of Global Warming to the Public’s Health
William N. Rom, Kent E. Pinkerton
2. Climate Variability and Change Data and Information for Global Public Health
Juli M. Trtanj, Tamara G. Houston
3. Climate Change: Overview of Data Sources, Observed and Predicted