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Koivusalo, Meri - Commercialization of Health Care, ebook

Commercialization of Health Care

Koivusalo, Meri


Strategies of Multinational Health Care Companies in Europe and Asia
Jane Lethbridge
3. Multinational Corporations and Health Care in the United States and Latin America: Strategies, Actions and Effects
Rebeca Jasso-Aguilar, Howard Waitzkin, Angela Landwehr

Kata, Venkata Reddy - Organised Retailing and Agri-Business, ebook

Organised Retailing and Agri-Business

Kata, Venkata Reddy


Implications of New Supply Chains on the Indian Farm Economy: An Overview
N. Chandrasekhara Rao, R. Radhakrishna, R. K. Mishra, Venkata Reddy Kata
Part I. Policy Perspective
2. Modern Organised Retail and Its Impact on Agriculture
C. Rangarajan

Chan, T. S. - Multinationals and Global Consumers, ebook

Multinationals and Global Consumers

Chan, T. S.


Understanding the Entrepreneurial Process of Learning through Network Dynamics: Insights from China’s Young International Firms
Lianxi Zhou, Bradley R. Barnes, T. S. Chan
7. Does Social Capital Always Create Value for Firm Internationalization?

Larimo, Jorma - Value Creation in International Business, ebook

Value Creation in International Business

Larimo, Jorma


Russian Oil and Gas MNEs Investing in China: The Role of Government in Value Creation
Andrei Panibratov
11. When Is FDI Valuable to the Multinational Enterprise? The Role of Firm Capabilities and International Experience
Piotr Trapczynski
12. Mission

Lo, Shih-Hung - Digital Technology and Journalism, ebook

Digital Technology and Journalism

Lo, Shih-Hung


The Invisible Hand of the Unaccountable Algorithm: How Google, Facebook and Other Tech Companies Are Changing Journalism
David R. Brake
3. News Photography and the Digital (R)evolution: Continuity and Change in the Practices, Styles, Norms and Values of Photojournalism

Marinov, Marin - Internationalization of Emerging Economies and Firms, ebook

Internationalization of Emerging Economies and Firms

Marinov, Marin


Internationalization of Companies from Former Communist Countries: Outward Foreign Direct Investment from Central, East and South Europe, and the Commonwealth of Independent States
Witold Wilinski
4. Foreign Direct Investment in New EU Member States from Central